Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School!

First day of school pictures

Mckenna, Ava, and Hailey cute cousins
cousins excited in the boat
I can't believe that another school year is starting! We just got back from our last summer vacation up to Bear Lake! This summer has been so fun but a little emotional for me. Our family loves to get together for vacations and we spent a lot of time up at my sisters cabin in Bear Lake. It has been such a fun summer, but each time we went the memories of my Dad would start coming to me. He was such a central part of our family fun especially in the summer at Bear Lake. Even though he was greatly missed we were quite proud of everything he taught us: we were able to beach launch the boat, get the sunshade up, take the kids on fun tube rides, and so much more! I am so grateful that I have such a great family. We love to be and do things together. It is kind of funny that my kids best friends are their cousins! Enough of summer now we are on to bigger things. The kids were so excited to start there first day of school. Sadie is now in 3rd grade, and Brinley is in Kindergarten. They were both a little anxious but very excited to go to their first day. Sadie came home so excited about her teacher. Brinley was also very excited but was a little sad when her teacher said they didn't really start until next week. I hope we make it through this week! I love this time of year when we get back on to a routine and are excited to learn new things. I love that the seasons are going to be changing soon and we have new things to look forward to.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Girls Camp!

Sorry pictures are always in the wrong order!

and repel down a tree. I was terrified of doing this challenge but felt so good to concur my fear of heights
some of the cute girls in my ward. Kiya, Stephanie, Danny,
Lauren, and Cadence
walk across the rope
We went to a challenge course and we had to climb up a swinging log
playing the human knot

Last week I was able to go to girls camp with my ward. We went to the Heber Valley Camp. It was such a great and uplifting week. The camp was so beautiful and we were a little spoiled with cabins, showers, and flushing toilets! The Young Women in my ward are the best and are great examples to me. We had a fun week together but after 5 days together I was ready to see my cute family. I was also spoiled to come home to my friend bringing us dinner!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Izzy the dog!

Eric thought it would be funny to put a diaper on the dog!
The girls thought it was so funny!!

Brinley was TERRIFIED last year of Izzy, what a difference a year makes. Now she can't get enough of her.

About a week ago my sister Kristi was at girls camp and they needed someone to watch their daughter Bridget and their cute dog Izzy. My kids were so excited they asked me everyday when she would be coming. This was the first time we have dog sat and it was quite the experience! We only had them over night but it was quite a night. Bridget was very cute and told us everything that Izzy needed. Izzy got plenty of exercise but did not want to go to sleep. She barked all night. We moved her three different times! Finally Eric went downstairs and slept with the dog! The girls had a blast with the dog and can't wait to do it again.