Thursday, October 25, 2012

Grandma's Halloween Party

We have been waiting for this party all month long!  The kids love dressing up and getting together with their cousin's.  This year Sadie made her own costume and was a  jelly belly, Brinley was a Monster High girl, Hailey was a bat, and Addie was a ghost (Sadie made her costume too!) Addie isn't quite sure about Halloween.  She didn't know whether to laugh or cry!  She was really scared of Brinley and Grandma! lol  Thanks grandma for the fun party!
 Addie and Cortney were dressed up as a ghost and strawberry shortcake

 They love the donut game!
 We had some great costumes this year but we especially loved Brady dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite!  He was in character the whole time!  He had some great one liners!

 Brinley was having a great time eating pizza!
 Sadie helped with the bat game

 Grandpa Marlin held Addie the whole party!  She loved watching everyone!
 Hailey loved the fishing pond.  They always get fun prizes!
 Brinley went all out with the apple bobbing this year.  She took her costume off and went for it!  It was pretty funny watching her get that apple we were kind of hoping it would help her lose her front tooth! lol

Fall break at the cabin

The kids had two days off of school for Fall break so we took advantage and went up to the cabin.  It's always lots of fun with the family and cousins to play with.  We had fun doing lots of halloween crafts, making carmel apples and mummy suckers.  They also had lots of fun carving pumpkins.  The weather was so nice they had fun driving around on the ranger and swimming in the hot tub!  I somehow didn't get pictures of that! 
Addie and her new cousin Cortney are going to be great friends!
 Hailey and Mckenna were twin pumpkin's Grandma had fun painting their faces!
 Sadie loved carving the pumpkin!  She was the oldest cousin up there and had fun painting everyone's nails and driving the ranger around!

 Addie loved being outside with everyone.  She borrowed her cousin Cortney's cute halloween hat for a fun halloween picture!  She isn't quite sitting up by herself yet but she did pretty good sitting by the pumpkins!

 Of course we had to get a "Scary family picture"
 Addie had fun with Grandma and Marlin
 Brinley and Kelsey had twinner shirts on and Grandma painted bats on their faces!
The girls carved Snow White, Ariel, and monster Mike pumpkins.  We also carved Addi'es hands and feet for her first pumpkin!

Addie's first baby food

Hailey and Addie were twins one day so we had to get a picture!
 Dad decided to get out the high chairs to see if Addie would fit in them. They were a little big for her but I think she will be sitting in them soon!  This was Addie's first try of baby food!  We mashed up some sweet potato's and let her try them.  She wasn't so sure about it and kept sticking her tongue out!  the girls thought it was so funny!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October fun!

In between conference we decided to take a trip out to Gardner Village to check out the Witches.  They always have fun Witches hidden around the Village.  

 This year they had a fun hayride to see the Live Witches in the Village.  We decided we wanted to check it out!

 The girls were a little nervous to begin with but they loved it!  The Witches were so nice!
                                   They loved the Witch that taught them how to monster dance!

 This Witch taught them about dragon hair and stirred up a concoction in her Witches brew!

                                           We ended at the Cemetery with this cute Witch!

Conference Weekend

We had a fun Conference Weekend.  Sadie went with her cousin to West Yellowstone so we decided to try something new while watching conference.  We went to the store and let Brinley and Hailey pick out a different treat for each of the twelve apostles and first presidency.  We printed off a coloring book of all of the apostles and each time one of them spoke they would color their picture and eat the treat.  It made conference fun!  We missed Sadie like crazy but we were glad she had fun!  Addie took some good naps during conference and loved watching her Dad work in the garage!  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Addie is 4 months old!

Addie just turned 4 months old!  She just had a great check up!  She weighs 12lbs 6oz and is 23" she is in the 20th percentile!  She is at such a fun stage right now.  She recognizes us and just loves her family!  She especially loves her sisters!  She gets so excited when they come home from school.  She loves to smile and has the cutest laugh.  Eric is really good at getting her to laugh! She is usually happy if she is being held.  She loves to stand on her feet and bounce.  She was a little to short for the bouncer but she is going to love it when she is a little bigger!  She is a great sleeper and is sleeping through the night but is still trying to figure her naps out during the day.  She likes to take lots of short naps! Her sister's are still fighting over who gets to hold her first in the morning and when they get home from school.  I have a feeling it is going to be like this for a while.  We just can't get enough of her!  They were very excited when they realized that now we have 4  they will be able to stunt each other!  I guess we are starting young with Addie!