Monday, January 31, 2011

Brinley and Hailey

Brinley and Hailey bring such a big smile to my face! They are full of fun and the other day was no exception. One of their favorite things to do is go to Grandma Alldredge's house and put on all of her reading glasses she has laying around the house. Brin asked her where she got her glasses and when she told her the Dollar Store she got really excited! She came home and begged me to take them to the dollar store to get glasses! I was a little hesitant because they do have a prescription in them but we got the really low powered ones and they are loving them. They only wear them for a few minutes at a time but they think they are pretty neat to have the same glasses as their Grandma!

Monday, January 24, 2011

way to go Sadie!

Sadie's team had a great time at their second comp. With a lot of hard work during the week they were able to make a few changes to their routine and took 1st place. Their team won a trophy and sadie was excited to hold it for a minute! Way to go Cheerz Allstars! I am so proud of Sadie. Cheerz is the one place where she can be herself and not be judged by others. She has made some amazing friends on her team and I am so grateful for that.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Go Cheerz!!

Sadie was so excited for her first cheerleading comp. of the year you would have thought it was christmas morning! She had a smile from ear to ear. She has been practicing so hard the past few months they were ready to go compete! What makes it even more fun is that her two older cousins Kelli and Jayci are also on Cheerz cheerleading teams they are just on different ones. Sadie loves and looks up to them so much. They are such great examples to her. Sadie's team did such a great job. I'm always a nervous wreck up there watching but she did great. Her team didn't make any mistakes so when they were handing out awards and her team took 5th place we were all in shock! Come to find out one of there stunts had an illegal move in it and their music was to long, They deducted 20 points ( so annoying!) at least the girls new they did great and thats all that matters! They have to fix everything by next Saturday so it may be a stressful week at practice.
Hailey and Brinley were big troopers and had fun watching. There favorite part was dressing there american girl dolls up like cheerleaders! It was a really long day but lots of fun. I still have a pounding headache from the loud music and it's the day after! Hopefully we will be recovered and ready for next saturday!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

We made our annual trip up to Soldier Hollow for our sledding on New Years day. We were a little worried about the 6 degree weather but we bundled up and had a blast! The kids had so much gear on they had no skin showing! It was so fun to be with family and spend the day together.