Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First soccer game!

Brinley had her first soccer game with her blue lightening team. She has been so excited to finally play in a game. Brinley is a real go getter and is always after the ball. Her team only has 7 players so they have to play most of the game. She was so hot we poured water on her head!
I think this is going to be a fun season of soccer and am really glad we play at a park with lots of shade!

Hailey had her back to school night and was so excited to see her teacher and class. She is going to have alot of fun this year!

Outdoor Movie!

We had a fun sleepover with the cousin's last weekend. They were begging Eric to let them watch a movie outside. It was a little windy but they had tons of fun laying on the trampoline with their cozy blankets and popcorn! Of course the movie they watched was Justin Beiber. They were a little crazy watching it and the movie was pretty loud. I'm sure our neighbors loved us!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall Letters

I have some Fall's ready if any one is interested! I am selling them for $25

1st day of School

The first day of school was a day full of excitement at our house. Sadie woke up at 6:30 which she never does and hasn't since! lol! She just started 5th grade and her teacher is Miss Warner. She is excited to be the big kid in the school and is growing up way to fast. I'm a little worried about the tween stage. I hope we all survive! Brinley is starting second grade and her teacher is Mr Paget. She thinks he is so funny and has loved her first week of school. I think she will have a fun year with him. She is so fun and is so nice to everyone. She is a great friend. Hailey has had a little bit of a hard time this week with just me! She doesn't start school until after labor day. She is my little sweetheart and we have lots of fun together.

The other day we had a humming bird stuck in our garage. We tried all day to get it out but it was scared and couldn't find it's way out. Eric finally got it with a broom handle but when he rescued it it was really weak. We tried to feed it sugar water but sad to say the bird didn't make it. The girls were a little sad but they had fun trying to take care of it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last Days of Summer

We have had lots of fun this summer. We have learned a lot of life lessons these past few months and are continuing to do so. Sometimes life throws you curve balls and you have to find ways to continue on and get through them. We have learned how important family is. They are the people you can count on through the rough times to help you get through. I am grateful for all of the support we had from friends and family while Eric was out of work this summer. We are so grateful for the Job he found and feel blessed to be a part of a great company.

We had lots of fun with dad home this summer. We loved going to concert's at the bountiful park. We would bring our blankets and lawn chairs and sit and relax together. The best part for the girls was the huge snow cones they loved to eat. They definitely had blue lips by the time they were finished with it! I loved the concert's! We went to the bag pipe concert and it was fabulous. We also went to the Carmen Rasmussen Concert and it was also really good. She was a top 12 finalist in a past season of American Idol.

Hailey had fun swimming and even started to learn how without her arm floaties on!
The girls had tons of fun with duct tape. They made all sorts of things out of it. Their favorite was making flower pens. They made a whole bunch to sell at a fundraiser for some friends of ours whose dad was just diagnosed with cancer. They were able to sell all of their pens and made $20 to donate to the family.The girls have been begging me all summer for feather in their hair. While we were at Bearlake over Raspberry days they had a booth doing feathers for $5. We jumped at the chance and they were very excited.

We took a tour through the Sweets Candy factory. They thought it was pretty cool. The best part was ending in the candy store!
With Eric's new job we had a company Lagoon Day. The girls were so excited to finally get to Lagoon and they loved it. Hailey begged Eric to go on the octopus ride with her. She also loved Bomborra.
Brooke and Lori were also at Lagoon so we met up with them and the three little cousin's had tons of fun together. Eric and I split up and he took the older kids. Brinley and her cousin Brady had lots of fun together. They rode Wicked, Colossus, Spider and all of the other thrill rides all by themselves! They thought they were big stuff! Sadie went with Lori and Kelsey and rode rattle snakes rapid and some of the other rides! We were exhausted by the end of the Day!
Hailey had a fun play date with her friends at the Dinosaur Museum at thanksgiving point! She loves her cute friends!I have mixed emotions with summer being over. I loved having the kids home (in between all of the fighting!) but we did have lots of fun together. The girls make everything brighter and I love them so much!