Saturday, January 25, 2014

Brinley's late night!

Brinley has been asking me for a while to have a late night with some of her school friends.  So I told her after Christmas we could invite some of them over.  She has some fun friends she has been able to make this year at Muir.  They have been so nice to include her.  They had lots of fun making their own pizza's, decorating shirts, and eating ice cream.  They went a little crazy with the fart machine and talking about their boy crushes!  They loved singing Karaoke to the frozen songs!  I think it was a pretty fun night!

 Sadie and Addie kept making the same silly faces!

 Brinley was in heaven eating her ice cream!

 Hailey loved being right in the middle with all of the older girls!
 Sadie had a late night over MLK break and had fun making this fondant cake!

Brinley's Awesome field trip!

Brinley had the funnest field trip ever!  She was able to go to Dear Valley Skiing!  I was a little nervous  since she had never been before but they assured me she would be fine!   She had a ski instructor that helped her and two of her friends.  She was excited to ride in the nice ski bus with her friends.  She came home that day and was so excited about skiing!  She loved it and learned really quickly.  The girls  had fun trying on the ski's.  Addie wasn't quite sure of it all but it was funny seeing her in the big ski's.  Sadie and Hailey had fun trying them out on the hill in the back yard.  Brinley was a pro by then and was teaching them what to do!  

 Addie was twinners with our cute neighbor Kennadee!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Addie's loves helping me unload the dish washer!  She doesn't want anyone to get in her way.  She is a girl on a mission!  

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

What happens when you bring out the Karaoke machine at your New Year's party?  The family goes a little crazy!  We even have the pictures to prove it!!  We had so much fun!  Not only did the kids sing but so did the mom's and uncle Jason.  The other Dad's wanted no part of it!  The Mom's totally entertained the kids as you can tell by the pictures!  Sadie, Ashley and Brinley made a cute photo backdrop for our photo props.  Brinley also made a cute 2014 cake!  We had ton's of fun with the cousin's and loved spending our last new years eve with Kelli before she leaves on her mission in a couple of weeks.  
We had lots of change's in 2013 with moving and starting new schools.  Hopefully 2014 will be a little calmer filled with lots of great memories and fun!

 Jason singing a little Neil Diamond!
 The Mom's singing what makes you beautiful!