Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I am so thankful for my Savior and all that he has made possible for me.  "Because of Him" I can be with my family forever!  
 We had lots of fun dying  Easter Eggs

 We had Bunny pancakes on Easter Morning!

 We had a fun Easter dinner and Egg hunt at Kristi and Jason's house.  Jayci and Braydon hid the eggs so good.  The kids had lot's of fun finding them.  Especially Addie!  She loved putting the eggs in her basket!

Easter Pictures

  The kids had fun walking around with Addie and taking pictures! They all loved their new Easter Dresses!  The only one that worked with all of them was in Addie's play house!  

 Addie loved carrying her easter basket around.  She loved her bunny and chick!

Cheerleading Tryouts!

Sadie has been working so hard so she could try out for cheerleader at MPJ.  She has been working really hard on her tumbling and taking a cheer class at Fuzion.  Her Dad sat her down and told her she needed to make some goals if she wanted to make it on the cheer squad.  He also helped her get over her fear of doing a roundoff backhandspring!  He is an awesome Dad!  She was so excited for the cheer clinics to start.  She had to write a portfolio of herself and why she would make a good cheerleader.  She had 3 days of cheer clinics and then would come home and practice.  It was an exhausting week! Her cute Aunts all brought her good luck balloons and were so excited for her to tryout.  The day of tryouts I made Brinley come and sit with me at the school.  I was a nervous mom!  Becca was so nice and let Hailey and Addie come over and play.  It was a good thing because we were at the school for 4  hours.  It was a long process!  Sadie was in the third group and was feeling really confident!  I was so proud of her.  She went in and did such a great job! (I had to wait outside, no parents allowed!) She came out with a smile on her face so I knew she did great!  When she was done we had to wait for all of the other girls to go.  We were so excited when the coach came out and handed everyone a letter.  Sadie went outside to open it.  When she read that she had made it we all cheered!  We are so excited for her!  A bunch of her friends also made it so I think it is going to be a fun year!  Go Panthers!

 All of the girls trying out.  16 made it!

Freaky Friday!

Brinley and I had a fun Activity Day's Mother Daughter activity.  We got to switch places!  I dressed like her and she dressed like me!  It was lots of fun and we really got into our characters lol!  It was a super fun night with her.  We got to walk down the runway together and then we had a fun relay race.  The girls had to be the adults and the mom's got to be the kids!  It was really fun.  We ended the night with Brinley's favorite treat, an Ice cream sundae bar!  Brinley is such a sweetheart and I love her so much!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break!

We surprised the girls with a trip to St. George over spring break.  They had no idea we were even going!  The morning we left I told them I was going to check them out of school early.  They thought we were going to lunch!  They were excited to see the car was packed for a trip to St. George!  we had lots of fun swimming, hiking Snow Canyon, playing in the sand dunes, shopping, eating out and more shopping!  We stayed right by the outlet mall and Sadie couldn't have been happier!  Eric was very patient with us girls!  He's starting to realize that we love to shop! We had lots of fun and were sad to come home to snow!

The girls loved hiking to pioneer rock.  It was pretty high up there but they did great!  I was a little nervous at the bottom watching them!

 We toured the pioneer museum, Brigham Young's summer home, the new children's museum, and the St. George Temple.

 Addie loved her new life jacket!  She was a little fish!

 Addie loved throwing the sand!