Friday, May 25, 2012

Preschool Graduation!!

I can't believe Preschool is over!  Hailey absolutely loved school this year.  She went 3 days a week and learned so much!  She is even starting to read.  She was so excited for preschool graduation and did such a good job saying her part and singing songs.  She absolutely loved her teacher Miss Michelle and made some really great friends.  She is sad preschool is over but so excited to move on to bigger things!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's great to be 8

It's great to be 8!  Brinley is so excited to get baptized.  One of our traditions is for mom and whoever is turning 8 to go and pick out their baptism dress.  Brinley tried on quite a few dresses before she picked this one!  It looks so cute on her.  She was very excited to bring it home and show the family.  The other tradition we have is Dad and whoever is getting baptized gets to have a date and go the the temple to take pictures in her new dress!  Brinley was so excited for this day with her dad.  They started off at the Bountiful Temple and finished at the Salt Lake Temple.  There were such beautiful flowers blooming on the day they went and their were lots of brides getting married!  They had lots of fun together and even had a tour of the Conference Center.  After a few hours of taking pictures they stopped at Nelson's frozen custard and had some french fries and ice cream!  It was a fun day together and one she will remember for a long time!

Lava Hotsprings!!

Lava Hot springs is one of our favorite places to visit in our RV!  It's only 2 hours away and there are lots of fun things to do.  We were lucky and got our favorite spot in the camp ground.  There were only a few other people there so it was nice to be able to spread out a little.  The girls had fun playing games, doing puzzles, and kicking the soccer ball with their dad.  I was very low key this trip and made everything really simple!  It was nice to relax for a couple of days. We spent the whole day on Saturday swimming in the Hot pools and the olympic size swimming pool.  Brinley was our little dare devil and went on a really steep water slide.  She raced her dad and won!!  We finished off by learning about fire safety and starting fires!  We made some really tasty smores with recess peanut butter cups.  They were so tasty!  until next time!

 If you look really close you can see Brinley on the yellow slide!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

What a great weekend!  I feel so spoiled by all of my family.  They spent the whole day on Saturday planting flowers for me.   Sadie painted my toe nails and Eric and Brinley made me breakfast in Bed! Hailey has been giving me hugs all weekend telling me she loves me! I am so blessed to have the wonderful family that I do and am so grateful for the chance to be a Mother.  We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of #4 and are so excited!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Brinley

Brinley was so excited to have some friends over to celebrate her birthday with her.  She wanted to have a late night/movie night birthday party.  We started off with some pizza for dinner.  We decided to have dinner outside since it was such a beautiful day.  They had fun jumping on the tramp and playing games.  Brinley had it all under control which was really nice for me!  After dinner we did presents.  We had Brinley close her eyes and try and guess who was giving her the present.  They had to say Happy Birthday in a funny voice.  It was fun and she guessed pretty well!  They were especially excited when they saw the chocolate fountain outside.  Their eye's all got really wide and they went straight for the chocolate!  I think the favorite food's to dip were the banana's and the marshmallow's! They all were a little messy by the end so after we washed everyone off we headed down stairs to watch Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure!  I was a little worried they would be to wild to watch it but they actually settled down and enjoyed the movie!  They weren't to hungry for much more but did eat a little popcorn during the movie!  On their way out they each got a cupcake but I told them to save it for the next day.  I was a little worried they would go home not feeling to well and a little hyper for their parents!  I think it was a success and they all had lots of fun!