Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Better Late than Never!

Sadie was gone to Girl's Camp on her birthday so we decided to do her party when she got back.  Our life has been a little crazy with summer vacations and putting our house up for sale but we finally got to it.  Sadie was not going to let us forget!  She invited a few of her friends and we went swimming up at Kristi's house for her birthday party!  It was a month after her birthday but I guess it's better late than never!  She wanted to make a neon birthday cake.  I think it turned out pretty cute!  Brinley and Hailey were great helper's!  We spent the evening swimming.  It was a hot day and swimming felt really good. Sadie wasn't to happy when her Dad tried throwing her in the pool! lol   Until next year!


Sadie finally got her braces on!  She has been going to appts. all summer to get ready for them.  She was a little nervous to get them on but she did great!  Her mouth was a little sore so she ate lots of Kiva's that week!  Her sister's loved them too!  Addie loves to drink out of straws.  She really enjoyed her Kiva!  Let's hope we survive the next couple of years of braces.  We are excited for a beautiful smile at the end!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tooth Fairies!

We had 6 of the cutest tooth fairies in the Farmington City parade.  They got their faces painted by Grandma and they looked so cute!  They were all ready to work the parade crowd.  They were practicing their waves and waving their wands and blowing fairy dust to everyone!  Jason is opening a new office in Farmington and They had so much fun helping him in the parade!  Hailey, Mckenna, and Ava sat in the back of the truck while Brinley, Sadie and the older cousins walked behind passing out t-shirts, toothbrushes, and Frisbees!  Brinley was working the crowd and loved every minute.  They can't wait until the next parade in Bountiful over the 24th of July!  Keep your eye out for the Tooth Fairies!

 Even Addie got her face painted

It started to downpour on us and the kids took cover under the truck!  I guess it worked they all stayed dry!

 Becca and her kids came to watch the parade with us.  Addie loved having them there with her.  They had fun watching the parade and running for all of the candy that was throne at them!

4th of July!

We had such a fun week at Bear Lake over the 4th of July.  The first part of the week it was just the mom's and alot of kids plus 3 babies.  I'm not sure how we did it but we did!  

The girls loved to bounce the tennis balls with their rackets

 Addie loved the beach and scooted all around on her bum.  She loved to dig and would usually have sand from head to foot!

 Addie was happiest in the water and loved to sit in the shallow and scoot around!

Addie and Cortney loved playing together in the sand and the water!  They are so cute together!

 Brinley loved it when Addie snuggled with her!

 We ate lots of sno-cones and shakes!
 We loved holding baby Tess!
 Sadie painted everyone's nails Red, White, and Blue
 We went on lots of fun ranger rides!
 Loved swimming with all of the cousins
 Had lots of fun beach days!
 Of course we had to do some stunting!

 and build sand castles!
 and go on lots of tube rides!
 Addie loves her Dad!

 Cousins are the best friends ever!
 Brinley tried knee boarding!
 We weathered a Bear Lake storm that felt like a tornado hit.  Luckily all of the kids were on the boat during the storm.  We had sun shades flying everywhere while the rain, Hail, and wind came down.  Were drenched at the beach and some how made it to the cars with the babies all safe.  It was a scary storm that hit fast.  I think this was one we won't forget!

 We celebrated the 4th of July with Grandma face painting all the kids!
 and waving Red, White, and Blue glow wands outside!

We always have so much fun at the cabin with our favorite people.  I don't know what we would do without the cousins!  They really are our best friends!  We didn't want to come home!  Bear Lake is the Best!