Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Service!

We had lots of fun making valentines for Grandma and Grandpa, Jordan, and Kelli who are all out serving missions.  We thought it would be fun to send a cute valentine box with lots of treats in it for them!  The girls loved making valentines for them.  We miss our missionaries a lot.  The family parties aren't quite the same without them!  We hope they feel loved this Valentines Day!

 Addie loves to color and draw and was right in the middle of all of the card making!

P.P. goal

Sadie taught our family home evening lesson so she could pass off one of her personal progress goals.  She taught about keeping the sabbath day holy.  She had a fun object lesson with ice cream.  She had all of the toppings labeled some were on disgusting toppings and some were on yummy toppings.  She talked about how sometimes things we do that are good during the week are ok for that but on sunday we should focus more on our spiritual well being.  She did a really good job and we all loved the treat at the end!

Addie is so loved by all of her sister's.  They take such good care of her and she loves to snuggle with them!

 We were so proud of Brinley this last term in school.  She is such a hard worker and did so good.  She has worked really hard on math this year and has the best tutor ever her dad!  All of us were so proud of her (including her teacher) that she got 100% on a really hard math test.  Only a few in her class passed and she was so proud to come home and especially show her Dad!