Friday, December 28, 2012

A Special Visitor at playgroup

We had a special visitor come to our playgroup.  The kids were so excited when they heard Santa Ho Ho through the front door.  Hailey was a little nervous at first but soon warmed right up to him!  He was so nice and spent quite a few min. talking to each child.  Addie loved his bell's and wanted to grab them!  Santa even read the kids a Christmas Story.  We love our fun friends we get to play with each week at play group but I think I love it the most!  I have made some great friends and love visiting each week with everyone.  Thanks Noel for a fun morning! Thanks Tiff Jack for taking such cute pictures!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Addison is 6 months old!

I can't believe Addison is already 6 months old.  It seems like yesterday that we were bringing her home from the hospital!  She has brought so much joy to our family!  We still fight over who gets to hold her and for how long.  I thought this fight would have been over long ago but I think it will always be like that.  We just love Addie and can't get enough of her.  
At 6 months:
She is 14.5 lbs and is 25 in.
She is in the 20th percentile all around
She is sitting up all by herself
She is starting to eat baby food but doesn't love it!  
She loves to eat whatever we are eating!
She is taking good naps and sleeping through the night
She makes the cutest noises and loves to laugh
She is scared of everyone other than her family and Santa! lol
She loves her sister's and gets so excited when they get home from school
She is a very curious baby and is always turning her head to see what's going on around her. 
She loves to put everything in her mouth!
She is a very happy and content baby!

Gingerbread Party

Christmas is such a fun time of year with all of our fun family traditions.  We always look forward to Grandma's Gingerbread party.  She and Marlin had all of the houses set up ready to decorate.  It took them a couple of hours opening up all of the candy and getting it all ready!  The girls had lots of fun with all of their cousins.  Eric even came on his way home from work and helped Hailey with her house!  Aunt Steph held Addie while we decorated the houses.  Ashley had Addie laughing with her cute Santa hat!  

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our Newest Member of the Family!

We were surprised when we woke up this morning and found a huge mess in our hallway!  We didn't know what had happened until we saw a letter from Santa!  He had sent us a special Elf to watch us and report back to Santa.  He has special magical powers and talks to Santa every night on the kids behavior!  We named him Cosmo Jingle Seljaas!  Each night he will move to a different spot.  We are very careful not to touch him or his magic will go away!  I think we are going to have an interesting month with our newest member of the family!  Eric is not to happy about the little messes he is going to make!lol

 We also had our ward Christmas Breakfast and guess who showed up!  Santa.  Hailey went to sit on his lap and when she was finished she told me that wasn't Santa,  that was the Bishop!  We got a good laugh out of it.  We told her he was his special helper!

Festival of Tree's

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is going to the Festival of Tree's.  We love to walk around and see all of the amazing tree's and see the stories that go along with them.  We love to see Santa while we are there!  The girls were excited all day at school knowing they would see him.  Addie was already for Santa too!  We didn't think she would like him but she did!  She liked playing with his beard!  We had lots of fun with our cousin's and loved talking to the elf on the phone!  

Glitter Glitter Everywhere!

Our latest project was making 80 Glittered letter's for Jason and Kristi's dental offices, friends and neighbors!  It was quite the project.  Eric cut out all of the letters. We cut out the first letter of the person's last name.  When he was done I glittered and jeweled them.  By the time we were done we had glitter from one end of the house the other!  We were finding glitter everywhere.  We ended up using 4,000 jewels by the time we finished.  Thank goodness I had some great helpers.   We helped Kristi and Jason hook them to the wreath on Thanksgiving night.  I think the finished project turned out cute and they were a big success

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is always a fun time when we get together with family.  This year we were with my family.  It was the first time in a few years that we had everyone there!  We had a yummy turkey dinner with all of the fixings.  We were anxiously awaiting Brooke's announcement of weather she was having a boy or a girl!  They dyed the color of the whipping cream for the pie to let us know.  We were excited when the color was blue!  We need a few more boys in our family!  After dinner Sadie helped all of the kids make a turkey craft and all of the girls were looking at the ad's gearing up for black friday shopping.  Later that evening Eric took the girls to his brother Gary's for pie and games!  They had a really fun time.  I was sad I missed the party but Lori and Brooke dragged me with them for some black friday shopping!  It really ended up being fun but I have to admit that I am totally claustrophobic in crowds like that and I think I was having a little anxiety attack. lol!  I survived and ended up getting a few things for a really great price!