Monday, July 26, 2010

24th of July celebrations

We had a fun week last week. We started it off by going up to Bearlake for the week. It was a girls trip. All of the husbands were busy with work and Krisiti and Jason were on their stake trek that week. So my sister Lori me and my mom went to the cabin for the week. It was a little crazy with 10 kids and 3 adults but we had a great time. We made it home just in time to get to the parade on main street. We found a pretty good spot but it was so HOT. We kept cool with the kids spraying water on us with their squirt bottles. The kids loved the parade. They loved the clowns, the cute ponies, the missionaries, and especially seeing two of their cousins Jayci and Kelli cheering with their schools. After the parade we went up to Grandma Alldredge's house for fireworks. They loved holding sparklers and watching the fireworks. It is tradition to get on Grandma's roof to watch the Mueller Park Jr High fireworks. We were not disappointed, it was a great show! We were so tired and were anxious to get home. The next day we went to the Bountiful park and got our favorite treat Brigham's bread. The girls rode on a couple of rides but their favorite part was getting there faces painted. It was a fun day. It was nice to come home and take a nap. We ended the day with a little family BBQ and a game of croquet.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tending baby Tessa

The girls had lots of fun holding their new cousin Tessa. We were excited when we got to tend her the other day. They had a hard time sending her home!! She is the cutest baby ever and we love her lots!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bearlake and 4th of July celebration

We started our fun Bearlake weekend swinging in the playground at the cabin. The girls were so excited to get up there and see all of their cousins. The first day was really windy so we played alot of Dr Mario on the nintendo
We made it to the beach and the kids loved playing and digging in the sand but about 20 min later we had a major wind storm blow in and we headed back to the cabin!
We had the best smores ever. Aunt Steph found huge marshmellows to make our smores extra gooey
Of course the guys had the world cup soccer on!
We made it back to the lake but the water was so cold uncle Jason pulled all of the kids on the tube from the boat to the beach!
We celebrated 2 cousin birthdays over the weekend. Mckenna and Nate's. Lori made the cutest KiLan cake and Nate a baseball cake.
We went to church and the little girls looked so cute all dressed up.
We headed up Fish Haven Canyon after church and took a family picture
This is a picture of the tree my Dad carved his and my moms initials in a couple of months before he passed away. It is always fun to go visit.
There was a fun rock in the canyon so each family took pictures
Picture of the cousins. Amazing they were all looking! They are such great friends. We are excited for Brooke to have her baby in a couple of weeks to add to the boys!
We took lots of rides to the beach and around the cabin in the new ranger. It was nice to be able to entertain lots of kids on one ride.
We spent some time doing puzzles
Some tumbling on the beach
And swimming in the pool! Even though the weather wasn't the greatest we had tons of fun being with the family. It was fun having everyone there. It was hard coming home!
We came home on the 5th of July to a fun neighborhood BBQ. We had great food and fun fireworks.
Hailey and Eric waiting for the fireworks!
Sadie and friends
Brinley and her friend Aryn

Sadie having fun with sparklers
We had a great weekend but were so tired by the end of the night. It's fun to have family and friends to celebrate the good times with.