Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Party!

I can't believe it is Halloween time already. Grandma Alldredge held her annual Halloween party. The kids wait all year for this fun party. This was our first time this year to dress up and they were so excited. Sadie is a Scary Ghost, Brinley is Cinderella, and Hailey is Tinker-bell. I'm sure by the time Halloween is over they will be tired of wearing their costumes, but they couldn't wait to get up to Grandma's house. Grandma dressed up as a little girl! They had a fun treasure hunt, played spoon the Ghost, ate donuts off of a string, passed the rat, and had a fun fishing pond. We finished off with pizza for dinner. This is our first Halloween without Grandpa Alldredge. He would always help my mom with all of the fun parties. Even though we had lots of fun this year, we were sad that he wasn't here with us. Things just aren't the same without him. I am grateful to my mom who is still carrying on these fun traditions. I know the kids will have fun memories when they get older.

Grandma and my kids
Cousins picture
Kelli as a dead bride!
kids playing fun games
Hailey loving her donut
kids on a treasure hunt
Tinker-bell, Ghost, Cinderella
it was funny to see sadie as a scary ghost!
Brinley and Hailey loved dressing up as Cinderella and Tinker-bell

Friday, October 16, 2009


Well what a crazy couple of weeks we have had. We started off by taking a fun trip to Disneyland. This was our first attempt at driving. Hailey flew with grandma and the rest of the family. We had a great time on our drive to california with stops in St. George and Las Vegas. We drove the rest of the way on sunday and met up with the family at Universal Studios. The girls loved meeting all of the characters especially Sponge Bob! The simpson ride was a hit! We loved taking the tour around universal studios lot. We then went to the Hotel and were excited for disneyland to come the next day. The kids had lots of fun and were tall enough for all of the rides. They loved splash mountain, Buzz light year, and tower of terror! The majority of our time was trying to find minnie mouse, the princesses, and tinker-bell and her fairies! The girls loved it and had a great time. After three days at disneyland we were ready to move on to the rest of our trip! As we were driving to San diego I started to feel really achy and not feeling good. We got to the condo and I knew I was sick. I took the back bedroom away from everyone and I didn't leave until we drove home. I got the flu like I have never had it before. I thought after a couple of days I would start to get better but it just wasn't happening. Grandma and my sisters took the kids to the beach to play in the ocean and Eric stayed and took care of me. The next day was Sea World and I new there was no way I would be going so Eric took the kids in the morning and Grandma and family helped the rest of the time. They all had a great time and loved Shamu! The next day we were planning on driving home. I wasn't sure if I could do it but we did. It was the longest 12 hours of my life. The kids did awesome and loved playing the WII in the car. Between Nephi and Orem I decided that I had better go to the ER. We drove straight their and I was really dehydrated and nauseas. I was grateful for the medicine they gave me to help me. After 2 weeks I am finally starting to feel a little better. I still have no energy but am getting stronger each day. I am so grateful to all of our family and neighbors who have been there to help us. Your the best! WE LOVE YOU!!! ( if you notice Brinley with two black eyes she had a big fall off of her bike. They were getting better but you can still see it! we learned a big lesson on wearing bike helmets!)