Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Wood Letter's

I am now selling Summer! If you would like one let me know. I am selling them for $30.00

I am also selling Capital Name Letter's. I can do any letter and color to match your room!
I am selling them for $15. The color's I have available right now are Purple, Pink, Green, and Aqua blue.

Summer Fun!

We have had lots of fun swimming at our Aunt Kristi's house. We have been going once a week and the girls are starting to become little fish in the water! Now the weather is warm I have a hard time getting them out of the pool!

Sadie and Brinely have had lots of fun cooking with Grandma. She has them over every wednesday to learn how to cook. They have learned how to make pie crust, and cinnamon rolls. It is the best day of the week!

Sadie and Hailey had fun making play dough cookies. They colored the sugar cookie dough and made a flower, caterpillar, and other fun shapes.

Father's Day

We had fun surprising Dad every day the week of father's day with a treat. He got Dad's rootbeer and pringles, a heart attack, a day of texting him fun messages on his phone and a few other things. The girls had fun surprising him everyday and we are so happy that he is our Dad!

Monday, June 13, 2011

This is the place

We were excited to get invited to go with our Cousin's to This is the Place Heritage Park. This was our first time and we had lots of fun. Sadie learned all about Utah history this year in school. She was excited to see the Pioneer Cabins and the Indian Teepee's. We had fun walking through the school house and riding the train. We ended the day with a free icecream cone! It was a really fun day learning about our Pioneer heritage.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

End of School!!

Sadie also had a great year with her teacher Mrs Gourley. Sadie loved her reading incentive of painting ceramics. She came home with some really cute ceramics through out the year and I think that was her favorite part of 4th grade. She learned all about Utah history this year and could tell us all about the indian tribes and the different Utah Counties.
The fourth grade put on a Utah history program at the end of the year. They sang some really cute songs and I loved how they dressed up. Sadie and some of her friends made a poster and some cute medals for all of the fourth grade teachers. They gave it to the teachers at the end of the program. Sadie was especially excited when she gave hers to Mrs. Gourley.

I can't believe it is already the last week of School. This year has flown by so fast. My girls LOVED their teachers this year and I didn't have one day of complaining to go to school. Brinley had her program last week and it was so cute! They sang some really cute songs and ended with chimes. Brinley loved her Teacher Mrs. Thompson this year. She loved learning how to read and she just loved everything about Mrs. Thompson. She is so sweet and kind to the kids.

Hailey had her preschool graduation with Mrs. Mindy and did such a cute job. I loved her cap and gown she got to wear. She learned so much this year but I think the best thing she learned is how to make friends and not be so shy.

Sadie's program is tonight so I'll post it later!

Memorial Day

We had a fun memorial weekend spending the weekend up at my sister's place in midway. The kids had tons of fun swimming (Thank goodness for the indoor pool! ) Riding bikes, playing at the park and hanging out with cousin's. I love visiting the cemetery on Memorial Day and am amazed at how beautiful it looks. I love remembering what an amazing Dad and Grandpa my Dad was. The girls wrote him a note to put in the flower's. We are lucky to live so close and can go visit anytime we want to. We also visited Grandma Nancy's grave and love remembering her also. Even though me and the kids never got a chance to know Grandma Nancy, we love her so much and are glad we can go and visit often.