Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a fun Easter with all of the usual Easter activities. We had a fun Easter dinner and Egg Hunt with Grandma Alldredge. It was fun to get with all of the family. The girls just love their cousins and are so excited to see them each week. Grandma always has such a fun egg hunt and the kids look forward to it all year. It seem's like each time we gather for a holiday I always feel the void of my Dad not being there. He always brought such fun to our parties and I miss him like crazy. He was the best Dad and Grandpa ever. Grandma Alldredge has carried on all of these fun traditions without him and we are so grateful for her.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break

We had such a fun spring break. We started our vacation off by heading down to Zion's National Park. The girls haven't been their before and so we thought it would be fun. We stayed at Zion's RV resort, and it was so beautiful. The girls really wanted to swim the second we got there but it was a little overcast and not very warm. They wanted to swim anyway. They were a little disappointed when they were to little to get in the Hot Tub, but they swam for a little while in the pool. After about a 1/2 hour their lips were all blue and we decided to be done with swimming! They had a beautiful park and the girls had fun riding bikes and playing at the park.

We spent the next day in Zion's. We got there early enough that we made our hike to the emerald pools before the rain started. It was a beautiful hike and just perfect for the girls to hike. After our hike we rode the bus up the rest of the canyon and saw all of the other trails people hike. We went and saw the huge I-Max movie about Zion's and we were the only ones in the theatre! Eric and I loved it but the girls were a little bored! When the movie was over a huge rain storm hit and it rained the rest of the day and night! We were very anxious to get on with our trip and hopefully find warmer weather in California!

The girls had lots of fun while we were driving doing puzzles, watching movies, and playing their I-Touches.

Dad was an excellent driver and stayed awake listening to his John Grisham book!
Once we made it to California it was time to get Sadie ready for her fun weekend of Cheerleading Competitions. We were staying a mile away from the convention center so most of the time we walked. It was faster to walk than to ride the shuttle!

Sadie had fun relaxing with her team before they went on to compete!

Sadie is known on her team for her awesome facials!

Brinley was such a good sport watching Sadie compete. She wanted to be up there with her the whole time.
Sadie has 2 of the best coaches ever. Jenna and Kylie are so great with the girls.
Sadie's team took 2nd place out of 6 teams. There were teams from all over the country competing. They said it was the tightest comp between 1st and 2nd place. Of course we thought they deserved 1st place! They did awesome and had so much fun. I even shed a tear on her last performance knowing it would be her last one. We have decided to take a little break from cheerleading for a while. Now that Brinley is old enough to do it, it's just not fair to only let Sadie do it! We are going to have to save for a while and see if it will work out next year!

We are so proud of Sadie and all that she has accomplished with her Cheerz team. She has gained so much confidence and loved all of the friends she made on the team.

Monday, April 4, 2011


This has been a crazy spring so far! I am really ready for some warmer weather to stick around. Here is my latest wood letter creation! SPRING. If anyone is interested in buying one let me know. I am selling them for 25.00.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools!

I wasn't too excited for April Fools Day this year. I had been dreading it all week not knowing what to do! I told the girls I was to tired to trick them this year. Eric was gone all week and I really was tired! They came home from school and had a full service beauty salon with some friends. While they were out enjoying the beautiful sunny day with their friends I came up with this April Fools joke dinner! It's a good thing the Apple store is close by!

The girls were a little surprised to find a new chicken recipe (nut roll candy bar) peas and carrots ( gobstoppers) and mashed potato's (vanilla ice-cream with carmel topping)! They had a disgusted look on their face when they tried the chicken! They loved the mashed potato's. They were even more surprised to find Jello as their drink.

Sadie wanted to play a joke on her friends so she made up these hamburgers made out of cookies! She really had them fooled!
The girls were really glad I had pizza cooking in the oven just in case they didn't like their dinner. I guess it was worth it to see the look on their faces! Until next year!