Sunday, June 23, 2013

Father's Day!

I think the home made gifts are always the best!  The girls all made Dad a gift.  Sadie made him a card with a pearler bead star, Brinley made him a cute coupon book with lots of fun coupons in it.  I think Dad's favorite was she would watch a soccer game with him and give him back tickles!  Hailey made him a cute picture frame out of Pearler beads and put two of her favorite pictures of her and Dad together, and Addie just loved being in the middle of it all!  We made him a yummy breakfast in bed and enjoyed a fun day together!  Eric is the best Dad ever especially to a house full of girls!  He knows just how to make everyone happy and has fun with the girls.  He's great at realizing what they are each into and try's to spend time with them doing what they love to do.    I couldn't ask for a better husband or Dad for our girls!  I feel so blessed to have him and love that he reminds me of my Dad in so many ways!  He's the best!

Girl's Camp

Sadie headed off to her first girls camp with the woods cross 9th ward. She was so excited to be able to go with all of her friends even though she wasn't quite 12 yet.  She had so much fun and had some incredible experiences while she was up there.  It was weird having her gone all week but we had fun too.  Brinley and Hailey spent a lot of time at the park playing tennis.  They are both in a summer rec class and are loving it.  They had a fun sleep over with cousins and we even went out to eat a few times.  By the end of the week we missed Sadie like crazy(even Brinley!)lol and we couldn't wait for her to come home!  

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Last Day of School!

Brinley has had such a great Year with her fun teacher Mrs. Fahim.  She had a little bit a girl drama through out the year but she had a fun group of friends that she loved.  I found them outside playing games the last day of school.  She is going to miss these girls!  

 Sadie had the best teacher too!  She seemed like more of a friend than her teacher which was just what Sadie needed.  She learned so much from Mrs. Nesheiwat. It was a tough year with lots of homework but we made it through and now she is officially a Sevie!  She can't wait to get into Jr. High.  She had a fun group of kids she hung out with. 6th grade is hard because you all go your separate ways.  Her school is split going to two different Jr. High's.  Sadie is going to Mueller Park and won't know to many.   There was alot of crying after school (although Sadie wasn't one of them!)  It was funny to see everyone, even big tough boys cry!   We just had to throw a year end party for these fun 6th graders.  We had 10 girls and 4 boys come to her party.  We started out with Pizza for dinner and then went to our favorite place, Get Air trampoline park.  They loved it and were a little worn out by the end of the hour!  After they jumped they came back and watched a movie!  It was so fun and I was so impressed with these fun kids.

Kindergarten Graduation

I can't believe this school year is over.  It seems like it went so fast.  Hailey loved her last week of Kindergarten.  She had a fun picnic with her best friends Jayne and Linsey.  They had fun eating on the tramp.  Addie wanted to play with them too!  Hailey had a fun Kindergarten program and sang lots of fun songs.  She had to say to parts in her program.  She worked all week to memorize them and did a great job!  She loved her teacher Mrs Jessee.  She learned so much from her.  Mrs Jessee taught Sadie and Brinley too!  She has watched my kids grow up.  She has been lots of fun!  Now were excited to start 1st grade at  new school in the fall!  

Mischievous Addie!

Addie still loves her dog!  She even eat's with it.  She is super funny with this dog!  The other day she was scooting around and it got really quite.  I went to find her and she was pulling everything out of her diaper bag and wallet.  I was a little mad at first but it was so funny to see her jump when I said NO Addie!  I had to stop and take a picture.  She new she was in trouble!!  I have to watch her a little closer now.  She is constantly on a mission to find new things!  Addie Hates binki's but she thinks it's fun to play with it so it's kind of a toy to her.  It was funny to see her sucking it!  

Two Wheeler!

Hailey was so excited to finally learn how to ride her two wheeler bike!  She pretty much figured it out the first time she got on.  Eric got some good exercise running after her up and down the street!  It took her a couple of days to figure out how to start by herself but she is great at it now! It's her new favorite thing to do!  She loves to go on bike rides with Brinley and ride around our block!  

Swimming lessons

Hailey is becoming a great little swimmer.  She took swimming lessons at the rec center.  She was the only girl in her class full of boys.  They were all so nice to her!  Her teacher Zeb was so fun!  She loved going swimming every saturday.  We have a couple of more sessions planned this summer.  I'm sure she will be a little fish soon!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Addie!

We went and took Addie to get her 1 year pictures taken but the great thing about it was you get to take your own pictures.  This place provided you with the backdrops, props, and lighting and you bring your own camera and take the pictures.  It was fun posing her the way we wanted to!  Eric did a great job taking her pictures.  She was super happy at the beginning and got mad by the end but I was happy with the end result!  Addie is such a sweetheart with lots of personality!  She keeps everyone at church entertained!  I'm sure there are a few people that get annoyed with her!  She is very vocal and loves to sing the church songs.  She loves to take the Sacrament each week and watches until it is her turn.  She does not let it pass by her without her getting hers.  She is saying lots of words but her favorite is Hi, uh oh, Dog, Dad, Mom.  She is funny with phones and holds them up to her ear and says Hi.  She hates baby food and just wants real food!  It's been a little challenging trying to feed her!  She doesn't crawl but she is a great Bum Scooter. She gets everywhere she wants to go.  She loves her sister's and has lots of fun with them.  It's crazy she is already one.  This year has gone by so fast.  We feel so blessed to have her in our family.  She is our little miracle baby!  We couldn't imagine life without her!