Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas! We started our celebrating on the 23rd with the Seljaas Family. We always look forward to this each year and had a great time with everyone. We were assigned to bring a cheeseball. Sadie thought it would be fun to make a Santa Cheese ball. I think it kind of looked like him! We had a fabulous dinner and then we had a visit from Santa. I thought by the 3rd visit Brinley would be used to him but each time we have to help her walk up to see him. By the end of his visit she loved him! This picture tells it all. Christmas eve was a busy day and we were gone all day. We started off the day with a nice visit with Eric's parents and and then were off to Eric's Aunt's house for our Norwegian Christmas party. This is always a lot of fun as we dance around the tree singing ENEBAERBUSK. The song is in norwegian. Most of the family sings it in Norwegian but some of us just sing a few of the easy words and just do the actions! It is fun to see all of Eric's Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. The kids also do the Norwegian tradition of cutting a brownpaper sack with a orange in it blindfolded! It is always a little scary but the kids love it. We were then off to my family party up and Kristi and Jason's house. We had a really nice Roast beef dinner. After dinner Hailey started acting a little weird. The next second I see a sick look on her face and all of a sudden she threw up every where. I felt so bad for her she threw up 5 times within a half hour. Eric decided that he would take her home while we finished the party. I felt bad that they missed it. After they left we brought out the white stocking that is in memory of my Dad. Last year we each wrote down something we would do to honor my Dad. It was neat to open up our letters and see if we accomplished our goal. My mom shared hers and said that her goal was to bear her testimony more. She did it often and said her testimony was strengthened. She challenged us to bear our testimony more. I am so proud of her she has moved forward with faith this past year and she is a huge example to me. We had a wonderful evening together and by the end the kids were anxious to get home and to bed so Santa could come. We made it home to a sick Hailey. She was up all night sick with the Flu. We didn't get much sleep but were excited for Christmas Morning to come. Hailey was doing a little better but not great. Sadie and Brin were so excited to open their presents to find just what they had been asking for an I-Touch. It was fun to see them so excited. Hailey loved her new doll and Dora DS game. They also loved their Zu Zu pets. By the end of the day Hailey was back to her fun self and loved playing with her toys. It was a wonderful christmas spent with family that I love so much. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by the people that I love.

Brinley hugging Santa

Seljaas Family enjoying fun white elephant gifts!
Santa Cheese Ball
Grandma Alldredge on Santa's lap
White stocking in memory of Grandpa Alldredge
Norwegian Christmas party
Dancing around the tree. We make three big rings around the tree, hold hands and sing and dance around the tree.
kids listening to their ipods
playing with zu,zu pets

Hailey actually smiling even though she was sick!
Sadie opening presents!
Brinley opening presents!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Pictures 2009

So the sunday before Christmas we have a tradition of taking family pictures in front of the Christmas tree. The girls were really into it this year and thought it was so funny when we set the timer on the camera. After a few missed try's we finally got one where we were all looking!

Family Christmas picture 2009
oops we forgot to smile!
Sadie's cute pose
The only picture with the all of them looking at the same time
Brinley and Hailey
Hailey actually looking and smiling at the same time!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Program

Last night the girls had there big christmas program for family and friends. They have been practicing twice a week for the past month. They did such a great job and I am so proud of them. They sounded so good and got everyone in the christmas spirit. I especially loved when they sang and signed away in a manger. They were amazing. Great Job kids!

We had a fun weekend riding the frontrunner into Temple Square. The girls loved it. We got there a little before the lights turned on so we went through all of the visitor centers. The girls loved looking at all of the pictures and movies they were playing. It was worth the wait, when the lights turned on it was amazing! It was so beautiful to see everything lit up. The girls were also excited with the first snow fall. They went out in 5 degree weather to play in the snow! But they loved it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Visit with Santa!

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We had a fun weekend visiting Santa at the Quilted Bear. This was Brinley's first christmas to sisit on Santa's lap without being scared! He was very nice and took a lot of time with each of the kids. They also loved seeing two of Santa's reindeer Dasher and Vixen. It was a fun day. They also had fun at Grandma Alldredges Christmas Gingerbread Party. The houses turned out very cute. We finished the night off by going to the Festival of Trees. The trees were amazing and the stories were touching that went with them. It was a fun weekend

Friday, December 4, 2009

In Loving Memory

A year ago today our lives changed forever as my dad suddenly passed away from a tragic accident. This has been a year with a lot of emotion as we tried to go about our life with out him. It has been very difficult but I think he would be proud of us for pulling together as a family and persevering. There are still days when I think I'll just call DAD, and then realize he isn't their to call. Although there have been many difficult times there has also been fun times as well, which I am grateful for. I am grateful for the great example he was to me and my family. He always had a smile on his face and was always doing something for someone else. I hope that I can carry on that legacy. He was the best grandpa and the girls are always talking about fun memories they had with him. I am grateful for the time he spent with them and I hope my girls will remember how much their grandpa loved them. I am so grateful to my mom who has been a strength to us. She is always their for us even on her hard days and is always reminding to us about the important work he is doing in Heaven. I am grateful to know that someday we will be together again. I am so grateful to my wonderful friends and family who have helped me get through this year. Your words of encouragement have meant alot to me and my family, you always brighten my day.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Christmas craft rudolph ornament and a santa door hanger
Hailey asleep on the 4 wheeler, Brin was the driver!
kids making the craft
Thanksgiving dinner

We had such a fun Thanksgiving this year. My sister Kristi had a extra ticket to the David Archuleta Christmas concert and so I went with her and my Mom. It was such a fun way to get into the christmas spirit. He did such a great job and we loved listening to his fabulous voice! The next day we were on our way up to the cabin in Bear Lake. It is such a beautiful time of year to go up there. Their was snow on the tops of the mountains and the lake was starting to freeze over. We had a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner and a day full of crafts. The guys watched a little football and got a nap in. It was nice to be in the cozy cabin with no where to go. It was a really relaxing weekend. We were in a hurry to get home so the guys could make it to the BYU/Utah football game!! Go Cougars!! we were a little excited with the outcome! While Eric was at the game I was able to get the house decorated for christmas. I am so thankful for the my wonderful family. We have the best time together and I am grateful for the memories we make when we are together.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Holidays are coming!!

Raking leaves and putting up Christmas lights! I love this time of year and the excitement that comes with Christmas.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

What would Halloween be without pumpkin carving, trunk or treating, and convincing mom to dress up as minnie mouse!