Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun

The girls wanted their toes painted!  Dad had to get a picture

Sadie and brinley found a new hair style!
Grandma Alldredge and all of the grandkids.  Hailey is hiding behind her basket!
Sadie and Brin looking for eggs
Hailey had to get the eggs all by herself!
Hailey and Brin
Hailey loved smiling for the camera in her new easter dress
The girls were excited to see if the easter bunny came.  Hailey wouldn't let go of her basket
Sadie and sisters coloring eggs

We started off the weekend with a Easter egg hunt at the elementary school.  Eric took the girls and they were so excited to see the easter bunny and do the egg hunt.  When they got to the school it was a whole different story.  There were so many people and Eric got yelled at a few times for not being in line.  The girls only got 3 eggs and the line for the easter bunny went around the school.  They came home a little disappointed.  I don't think we will try that one again!  Thank goodness Grandma Alldredge came to the rescue and had a easter egg hunt for the grandkids.  She made a wonderful Easter dinner and it was nice to be with family.  I don't think we will ever get used to not having my dad around.  There is just a huge piece missing when we get together.  Somehow we still move on and have fun together but he is always close to our hearts. My mom gave each of the grandkids a memory frame with a picture of grandpa and 3 empty spots to put their favorite pictures of them with grandpa.  They were so excited to bring it home.  They will be a great keepsake.  I was really touched by General conference and am grateful to have such a wonderful prophet that we can listen to and follow.  I loved the quote when he said "the future is as bright as your faith."  I truly believe that and know that if we trust in the Lord and have faith we can get through anything.