Friday, December 27, 2013

Hailey's Christmas program

Hailey had a fun 1st grade Christmas program.  She had to memorize two parts for it.  She did such a great job.  She even learned Jingle Bells in Chinese.  It sounded so funny!  It got us all in the Christmas spirit!  After we went to orange leaf for ice cream!  It was a fun night.  Sadie was sporting her ugly sweater for ugly sweater day at school!

Cosmo the elf!

Cosmo the elf has become a fun part of our Christmas traditions.  We anticipate his arrival every year.  This year he came and brought the girls fun coloring books to start off his arrival.  He was very sneaky and hid in some fun places.  One day he even was sick!  Addie loved Cosmo and was so excited to find him every morning.  On the weekend before Christmas Cosmo left a special gift of Christmas Express tickets.  He was in a special Jar so he could come on our ride with us.  The girls were excited to open their Christmas PJ's and load up in the car.  We drove to Layton city park to see Christmas lights and drove around the Bountiful Temple where they have the Birth of Christ displayed around the temple.  We love to read the Story out of Luke.  We had fun eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate on our drive.  They all had a turn to hold Cosmo.  Even Addie was loving it!  Until next year!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

WX mini cheer

Brinley and Hailey had fun doing WX mini cheer. They did a half time dance at the basketball game.  They always have fun doing things with their cousin's and they love Jayci!  She is such a great example to them!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Elder and Sister Hill

Well Grandma and Grandpa are officially missionaries.  We had a special night when the stake president came and set them apart to be Missionaries.  We had fun taking pictures but it was a little bit sad seeing everyone say their goodbye's.  We are lucky and will still see them on the weekend before they fly to England.  I've decided that living with a house full of girls you start crying the second you see others crying!  Hailey was really struggling and will really miss seeing Grandma and Grandpa everyday.  We have been a little spoiled these past few months!  She was trying really hard to smile but it was hard for her.  She is a sweet girl.  Love her!  We are all going to miss them but we know that serving a mission is going to bless the people in England and also our families.  They are going to be wonderful missionaries!

Snow Day!

The girls were so excited when the snow started falling.  It dumped a lot of snow!  I think we have about a foot of snow!  The second school got out they wanted to go sledding on Grandma's hill.  It was sooo cold outside about 20 degrees.  They didn't care!  They got all bundled up including Addie, She was right there with them!  They had so much fun sledding.  They lasted about an hour before they were too cold (except for Addie, I had to drag her in.  She was so mad at me and kept running to the window saying outside!  I had to close the blinds so she would forget about it!)  I think it is going to be a fun winter sledding on Grandma's fun hill's.  If it would warm up a little bit that would be nice!