Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Addie loves to pretend play.  Her favorite thing to do  is to feed and take care of her babies!  She feeds them, puts them down for naps, changes the diaper, and pushes them in her stroller!  She is going to make a good mommy some day! She loves to pretend talk on her cell phone, take selfies, and put them on instagram!  She is smarter than me!  She also loves to do cheerleading with her sister's.  She knows all of the MPJ cheers and loves to pretend she is a cheerleader!

Back to school

The first day of school is always a little scary not knowing who is in your class or what your teacher is going to be like.  Sadie started 8th grade at Mueller Park Jr.  and was very excited.  She had to wear her cheer shirt and go early to welcome the kids to school.  She is loving 8th grade.  Brinley is in 5th grade at Muir and has Ms. Nelson.  She is having a great year and is loving school.  Hailey is in 2nd grade at Muir and has Mrs. Anderson.  She loves her and loves school!  It was fun to find out that Mrs. Anderson lives in our old woods cross neighborhood!  Addie misses her sister's while they are at school.  I have a hard time keeping her entertained! 

Lagoon fun!

This year we bought Lagoon passes.  We had a full summer at lagoon!  We loved going with our cousin's.  Addie loved going on the train and always thought we were at the zoo looking at the animals!  It took her a few times at lagoon before she liked going on the other rides but by the end of the summer she loved it!  Hailey was brave this year and went on wicked and all of the big rides.  Brinley was awesome and took her on them with her.  Sadie loved going with us but mostly with her friends!  We also loved lagoona beach.  Addie figured out how to go down the water slides in the kiddie area and loved it!  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I was so excited when Eric surprised me with tickets to see Wicked!  It was such a fun Birthday surprise!  Sadie tended for us and we enjoyed an evening out together.  It was an awesome play and we both loved it! 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Revolution Cheer Camp!

Brinley and Hailey had cheer camp at Revolution Athletics!  Brinley's was super intense since she is on the older team.  She had 8 to 10 hour practices for a whole week.  She would come home exhausted but excited to show us everything she had learned.  She loves being on team Authority.  It is fun but challenging at the same time.  I'm excited to see her team compete!  Hailey is on team Dreamers and she also had camp but it was 3 days just a couple of hours each day.  She also loved it and was excited to take her american doll dressed up as a cheerleader one day!  She is learning so much and is excited to compete in a few months!

Katie's wedding!

We were so excited when our Niece Katie got married!  She had a beautiful wedding and was sealed to Nate in the Bountiful temple.  It was a beautiful day.  The reception was beautiful.  It was fun to joke around with the cousin's!  we love our Seljaas family!

Bountiful 24th of July parade!

This year Sadie, Brinley, and Hailey were all in the Bountiful parade Cheering!  Sadie was cheering with her Muller Park Junior High team, Brinley and Hailey were cheering with Revolution Athletics! It was so fun to see them in the parade.  Sadie had fun with her cheer friends.  Brinley was amazing at stunting!  I couldn't believe that was her up there!  And Hailey loved doing cheer's with her cousin's that are also on the team! Addie loved watching the parade and cheering for her sister's! After the parade we came back to Grandma's house and watched the bountiful fireworks on the roof!  We missed Grandma and Grandpa this year because they are serving their mission in England!

Dan Reynolds concert!

We were able to go to a benefit concert for one of the dentist's wife that Jason works with.  Dr White's wife was diagnosed with cancer in the spring.  She is a amazing person and is such a fighter.  Dan Reynolds who is the lead singer for Imagine Dragons is one of her good friends and sang a benefit concert to raise money for her medical bills.  It was an awesome concert for a great cause.  The girls loved it and sang to all of his songs!  It was a super fun night!