Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Hailey!!!

It's hard to believe that Hailey is 5. I have had a really hard time with this sweet girl growing up! I just want her to stay small forever! She is my little sweetheart and we are good little friends! I guess it's because we are together so much. She is a little spoiled by her sister's too! She is so fun and always puts a smile on my face. She is so easy going and try's to make everyone happy and she loves it when her dad teases her which is most of the time! Sadie made her a cute birthday cake with an Easter Bunny on it. It's exactly what Hailey wanted! She was so excited to open her presents she said she didn't sleep very well the night before! She had a fun busy day starting with opening her presents, eating her favorite pancake breakfast, going to school and showing everyone her birthday poster and favorite book, and going out to dinner with her family!

Kangaroo Zoo

When the kids woke up in the morning they were so excited to jump in the car and head over to Kangaroo Zoo! We thought it would be the perfect way to get all of their little energy out! I think it worked. They had lot's of fun jumping on all of the bounce houses and were exhausted when all of the mom's came to pick them up! I think they all went home and took naps! Hailey had so much fun and was a little sad when it was over!

Cousins are the best!

This year for Hailey's birthday party she really had it in her mind that she wanted to have a sleepover with her cousin's. She absolutely loves her cousins and wants to play with them all of the time! It is fun because they are all really close in age and they have lots of fun together. We let Hailey decide what she wanted to do at this sleepover. She decided it would be fun to make pizza and watch Mr Popper's Penguins. She loves that movie! Sadie and Brinley were such great party planners and helped with the pizza, games, and getting them all settled for the movie! Sadie even made movie tickets for them and gave them pretend money to buy treats and popcorn for the movie. They all had a great time. After the movie they were ready for bed but wanted a little TLC from their Auntie!! So I went around the room and gave each of the arm tickles until they fell asleep! They were so cute other than they thought it was time to wake up at 4:00a.m. It's a good thing uncle Eric was there to help them turn on a show so we could go back to bed! The best part of the night is when all of the girls tickled Luke. It was so funny!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The new room

We finally made the switch and moved Brinley and Hailey down stairs. They have been so excited to move down with Sadie. They are loving their new room and don't even complain when it's time for bed. They have lot's of fun playing their I-Touches at night together. They are even keeping their room clean! Every morning I go down and their beds are made! What more could I ask for. We still have a little decorating to do but for now this is great!

Brinley loves her desk and they are both having fun with the Barbie house!

Sadie's 5th grade program

Sadie was excited to perform in her 5th grade patriotic program for all of the parents and families. They did an excellent job. I love to hear all of the patriotic songs. Sadie doesn't love to sing so this was a little bit out of her comfort zone! She did a great job and we loved watching her.