Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Morning was so fun! The girls woke up at 4:30 a.m! Of course the mean mom that I am sent them back to bed. They lasted until about 5:20 and we decided to let them go down to the presents! Brinley was so excited when the first present she opened was a Violin from Santa! He did listen to her! She has wanted a Violin ever since she saw her grandma's. She was so excited when she opened it up. She has been playing in non stop! I guess it's time for some lessons. Sadie was super excited to open up her Kanoni American girl doll. She is loving everything to do with American Girl and so a lot of her christmas focused on that! She is also a big BYU fan and loved her BYU gear! Hailey was so excited with her Salon doll and Barbie computer. She was also excited to get more Zoobles! It was a fun morning and by 6:30 they were done and so I went back to bed! Thank goodness Dad stayed awake and helped them with all of their new toys!

Chrismas Eve

We had two family parties on Christmas Eve. One was during the day at Eric's Aunt Tova's home. We love this family party and it has created alot of memories over the years as we dance around the Christmas tree and sing a Norwegian song. The girls love doing this and I'm sure it will be carried on for many generations to come! (of course I forgot my camera!) After that party we headed up to Kristi's house for our next one. We had a yummy ham dinner and then went downstairs for the program. The kids acted out the nativity while we sang songs that went along with it. The older kids read the scriptures to us. It was a really cute program. Then the fun began as Santa came again. The kids were very excited and loved all of their presents. It was a fun night but we were so tired by the time we got home. The kids went straight to bed in hopes Santa would come sooner!

Seljaas Family Christmas Party

This year for our Seljaas Family Christmas party we went to the EA Zone. The kids had such a fun time running around and playing with all of the balls. They had tons of fun with all of their cousins. We had a special visitor stop by and the kids were so excited. After Santa came the kids opened the gifts from their cousins. We played a few games and had a fun night together.

Brinley's 2nd grade Christmas Program

Brinley Had the cutest 2nd Grade Christmas program with her teacher Mr. Paget. They had lot's of songs they sang, they played the bells, and they read two cute stories. Brinley is loving 2nd grade and was so excited for this program. She did a really great job.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Hailey's Christmas Dance Recital

Hailey was in her very 1st dance recital and she was so excited. She got to wear her silver snowflake skirt and her ballet shoes. I was a little worried she wouldn't know the dance but she new every step perfectly. She was so cute up their and did a great job. They danced to Silver bells. Hailey loves her dance class and loves that some of her best friends dance with her! Her Dad was so proud of her he bought her some flowers. Hailey loved them.

Christmas Pictures!

Every year we get out the tripod and hook the camera up to take our family pictures. It is a fun tradition and we usually are laughing so hard by the end because we never no when it is going to take the picture. We actually got a couple of good ones! I am so blessed to have this wonderful family and we are so excited to add a 4th member to it! It's hard to believe that we are going to have another one but we couldn't be happier!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Crazy Weather=fun day off!

What a crazy storm we had blow through. I woke up with a startle to all of the wind. I thought for sure our trampoline was blowing away. Instead our big tree split in half. It actually landed on the tramp and kept it from blowing away! We were lucky we didn't have more damage that that. With 92 mile a hour winds and the power out the girls were definitely not going to school. Eric also stayed home from work in case any other damage was going to happen he would be here. After a few hours home with no power we decided to head somewhere warm so we decided to head down to the Festival of Trees. There was a special someone they really wanted to see there! The kids had lots of fun in the bubble machine, talking to an Elf, and making fun crafts. The Christmas tree's are so amazing especially when you see the person or story behind the tree. We had a fun afternoon and were especially excited to come home to the power back on. It was nice to have a warm home again!

Brinley and Hailey were so excited to see Santa! He even got them laughing!
We loved the Neon Pink Tree!

and the Santa Tree!

and of course the Jimmer tree!