Monday, March 24, 2014

Addie's new hair!

Addie's new hairstyle is making her look so grown up!  It makes me sad/happy when we hit new stages.  I have a hard time watching my baby turn into a little girl!  She loves to do EVERYTHING her sister's are doing!  We are buddies and I love her so much!

 Brinley and Addie singing "let it go"

Happy St. Patricks day!

I think we were safe from being pinched this year!

Happy Birthday Hailey!

 Hailey thought it was fun to have Elsa and Anna doing flips in the castle!

Happy Birthday Hailey!

Turning 7 is so fun!  Hailey has been counting down all month for her Birthday and she was so excited when it finally came!  She has the best big sister's in the whole world!  They wanted to surprise her with balloons hanging from her door and some delicious birthday pancakes!  After the surprise Hailey opened her presents.  I think Addie thought it was her birthday and loved helping Hailey open her presents!  They were both really excited to open the frozen dolls and castle!  Hailey loves school and has fun playing school with Brinley.  She got some fun pretend school stuff that will keep them entertained for hours!  I had lots of fun going to Hailey's school and bringing her Wendy's for lunch.  Addie and I had fun eating lunch with her and Brinley.  Then we went and played at recess with them! Hailey made a cute Birthday poster to show her class and loved showing it to them.  After school we went to Kangaroo Zoo with her cousin Luke and Tessa.  They are such great friends/cousins and people always think they are twins when they are together!  We had a fun birthday dinner at Iggy's and had fun celebrating with Becca and her family.  The next day was Hailey's spa party.  She invited 17 girls!  It was a little crazy but we had them separated into 3 groups.  Brinley and Kelsey were in charge of the facials, Sadie and her friend Pheobe were in charge of painting fingernails. Brooke and I were in charge of Toe's.  I think they all had fun and looked very cute when we were finished.  Kristi made Hailey a super cute nail polish cake that she loved.  She had fun eating cake and opening her presents.  She has made some fun friends while living at grandma's house!  Hailey is such a sweet heart and it is fun to see her grow up.  She is so smart and loves school.  She also loves her cheer class she is taking at Rah!  She is such a great sister to Addie and loves to play and flip around with Sadie and Brinley.  She is excited to start soccer this year and play like Brinley!  We are so grateful for Hailey and the fun she brings to our family!