Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring Break!

We had lot's of fun over spring break.  Part of the week we had really warm weather so we headed up to the zoo.  It was super crowded but we still had lots of fun!  We had fun going with Becca and her cute kids.  Hailey and Luke are such great friends/cousins!  They could be twins!  The rest of the week we had fun going to see two movies  Cinderella which we loved and Home.  It was a super fun week and got us excited for summer to start!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Hailey's Baptism

Hailey's baptism was such a perfect day.  She looked so cute in her dress she wore to be baptized.  We feel so blessed to have her Dad honor his priesthood and Baptize Hailey.  Hailey was the only one from our ward getting baptized so we were able to plan the program just for her.  Her Aunt Becca spoke on Baptism and what it means to be baptized and her Aunt Brooke spoke on the Holy Ghost.  They both did a great job and the spirit was felt.  The little cousins sang when I am baptized and sounded so cute.  After Hailey was baptized and while she was changing, they played a special movie Eric made for her with some of her temple pictures he took.  It was a special day.  After the baptism we came back to our house and ate lunch.  We made turkey and ham sliders, lots of salads, fruit, and yummy desserts.  I made her a baptism cupcake dress that turned out cute.  We felt blessed to have so many friends and family there to support Hailey on her special day.  We missed Grandma Alldredge and Marlin since they are on their mission in England.  Kristi and her family were on a family vacation to England to visit Grandma and Marlin! 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I love to see the temple

It's a fun tradition in our family to go to the Bountiful and Salt lake temple on a special date with their Dad when the girls turn 8. It was especially fun for Hailey because she did it on her birthday!  It is always a special day and one they look forward to for a long time.  I am always so excited when they come home and I can see what beautiful pictures they take.  Eric is turning in to such a great photographer and always gets the best pictures.  Hailey is such a beautiful girl that we love so much.  She was so excited to get baptized and loved having FHE lessons on it to prepare her for the special day.  Hailey is such a great example to all of her friends and family.  She is so sweet and cares so much how other are feeling.  She always tries to make sure everyone is happy.  We love you Hailey!

Hailey turns 8

Hailey had fun celebrating her birthday with her cousins Luke and Tessa!  We had a late night, ate pizza played on the sports court and watched Big Hero 6.  We had lot's of fun.  The next morning was Hailey's birthday.  We decorated her door and made her favorite breakfast waffle's with strawberries!  She opened her presents and was so excited to get her very own set of scriptures with her name engraved on them with a scripture bag to keep them in.  She was also excited to get a revolution cheerleading uniform for her american girl doll that looks just like hers!  The rest of the day she spent taking baptism pictures with her dad and then out to eat at the pizza pie cafe!  I think she had a fun day!

Great to be 8

It's Great to be 8.   Hailey has been waiting to turn 8 for a long time! It is such a special age as she has been preparing to be baptized.  This year for her birthday party she wanted to go to the Lion House. She invited her friends from school and her cousins.  It was fun learning about Brigham Young and learn about how they lived back in the pioneer times.  They played some fun pioneer games, pulled taffy, and ate a yummy dinner.  She loved it when they brought out her super big birthday cake!  It was so yummy!  Then she opened presents and was really excited when she got to pick out a porcelain doll to take home!  I think it will be a birthday to remember! One funny thing that happened at the party was one of her friends thought that the Lion house was really a house full of lions! She was so scared she almost didn't go inside the house!  It took her until the party was almost over to really believe us that this was a party about the pioneers!  We learned they call it the Lion House because of the Lion Statue in the front of the house!  By the end her friend was happy and having fun!