Thursday, April 23, 2015

Great to be 8

It's Great to be 8.   Hailey has been waiting to turn 8 for a long time! It is such a special age as she has been preparing to be baptized.  This year for her birthday party she wanted to go to the Lion House. She invited her friends from school and her cousins.  It was fun learning about Brigham Young and learn about how they lived back in the pioneer times.  They played some fun pioneer games, pulled taffy, and ate a yummy dinner.  She loved it when they brought out her super big birthday cake!  It was so yummy!  Then she opened presents and was really excited when she got to pick out a porcelain doll to take home!  I think it will be a birthday to remember! One funny thing that happened at the party was one of her friends thought that the Lion house was really a house full of lions! She was so scared she almost didn't go inside the house!  It took her until the party was almost over to really believe us that this was a party about the pioneers!  We learned they call it the Lion House because of the Lion Statue in the front of the house!  By the end her friend was happy and having fun!