Monday, April 23, 2012

Beach Day!

We were so excited to have a warm day to go to the beach.  We were able to check out beach chairs from our hotel and we brought some sand toys with us so we were off to the beach.  You can definitely tell what our girls like to do!  They are constantly flipping, jumping, doing cartwheels, or whatever else they can come up with.  Eric has become really good at stunting and spotting the girls in all of their activities!  I was officially the picture taker this trip!  They had lots of fun looking for seashells and watching the surfers out in the ocean.  

Anaheim National Cheerleading Comp!

We spent two days of our trip at Sadie's Cheerleading Competition.  Her team has worked so hard all year and this is the last competition they perform in.  They are such a great group of girls and have improved so much this year.  One of Sadie's best friends on the team is also named Sadie!!  They have a lot of fun together.  Sadie's team performed twice and they did so great, the best I have ever seen.  They competed against 6 other teams from all over the country.  It was interesting to see what other teams can do.  All I can say is I am grateful that sadie is on a team with standards and modest uniforms. They ended up taking 4th place.  They were a little dissappointed but they knew they did their best and that's all they could do.  Right after the comp was over we jumped in the car and started driving home.  It was a long 12 hours.  We made it home at 2:00 a.m.  The kids did great Hailey listened to her music for about 4 hours straight and kept us all entertained singing her songs!  We had such a fun week it was hard to leave and come home!  

American Girl Store

Sadie and her sister's have been waiting along time to finally make it to the American Girl doll store.  We actually planned our trip around this one event!  I think they were more excited about this than going to Disneyland!  They love, love, love, American girl dolls!  Sadie has been saving her money for a while to get the new Mckenna Doll.  She was so excited to see her and all of her accessories!  Brinley and Hailey were having lots of fun too!  the store was 2 stories and had everything you could think of for your doll's.  They had a hair salon and a restaurant where you could get your doll's hair done and eat with your doll.  of course it was super expensive to do those things so we went out to lunch with the doll's after and had just as much fun!  Sadie and Hailey ended up with the Mckenna doll and Brinley chose the cute Julie doll.  They had grin's from ear to ear the whole day!  Eric know's with 3 almost 4 girls that you just sit back and enjoy the ride!!  He is the best dad and it's so fun to see them so excited!  Of course we spent the morning fixing their hair to look like their american girl doll! I was so consumed with Sadie and Brinley that Eric took over with Hailey!  I think he did a pretty good job!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Road trips are not my favorite especially 7 months pregnant but it actually went better than expected!  The girls were entertained with movies, i-pods and boon dogle!  We were making good time until we hit the stretch between Vegas and California.  Traffic was at a standstill. It took us an extra 2 hours to get there. I thought I was going to about die by the time we made it to our hotel!   It was definitely time to stretch out!  We thankfully got a good night's rest and were ready to hit disneyland the next day!  The kids had so much fun.  Me and Hailey hung out in toon town most of the day while Eric, Sadie and Brin went on the other rides.  Hailey was really excited to meet the characters especially Rupunzel and Minnie Mouse.  She loved walking through Minnie and Mickey's house and had fun posing for pictures!  Some of their favorite rides this year were Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Safari, Buzz light year and Tower of Terror (except for Hailey!  After the ride was over she said that wasn't her favorite and she didn't want to do it again!)  We had fun walking though Downtown disney and eating and one of our favorite restaurants the Rain Forest Cafe.  We had 2 really good days at Disney and California Adventure but on our third day there was a terrible down pour rain storm.  We only lasted 2 hours at disnyland and had to head back to the hotel.  It was raining, thunder and lightening so hard we were soaked from head to toe!  We made the most of it and had fun back at the hotel watching movies and eating popcorn!