Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Come Fly away!

Sadie and Brinley were loving the warm weather we had last weekend.  
They were trying to jump really high and do a toe touch
I think I have a couple of future cheerleaders on my hands!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Hailey!!

Hailey went swimming the other day and wouldn't take off the swimming goggles!
Daddy brought Hailey home a Dora balloon.  She loved it and wanted to sit by her all day!  She got a new dora camera and loved taking pictures of everyone.

Hailey enjoying her Dora birthday cake!

Sadie holding Hailey during all of the fun!
What cute neighbor's and cousins!  Thanks for coming to the party

Today is Hailey's birthday and she is 2 years old.  Time goes by so fast.  It seems just like yesterday that she was born.  She was such a sweet baby and has turned into an even sweeter little girl.  She has always been such a good snuggler and she still is.  I love it when she gives me the biggest kiss and hug and then says I love you mommy!  She knows just how to make my day!   Hailey's cute personality is starting to show and she is full of fun.  She loves to make herself laugh by turning in circles and making herself dizzy! Hailey loves to follow her big sisters around.  She throws a fit each day when they leave for school.  She wants to be with them all the time.  They are such great big sisters.  Hailey is a little spoiled but we wouldn't have it any other way.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! WE LOVE YOU    
Brinley and Sadie thought that Hailey should have a birthday party with some of the neighbor friends.  Brinley told her friends during the week that on saturday they could come over and watch her open her presents.  We decided that we better go and get something fun for them to do if they were going to come so we found a cute hello kitty pinata.  We called all of the little cousins to come and celebrate with Hailey.  It was such a nice day today we hung the pinata outside.  The kids loved finally being outside.  It was a lot of fun.  Sadie was in charge of handing out the sacks for the candy.  She also had fun cutting the cake and scooping the icecream.  Sadie and Brinley had the party under control and Eric and I just sat back and watched!  it was great.  Hailey was so tired by the end of the day she went right to bed with her new night time dora doll!