Saturday, September 21, 2013

Labor Day fun!

We decided to go ride the alpine slide and shop the outlets in Park City over Labor Day.  It was a little overcast so we thought we might get rained on but it actually turned out to be a really nice day.  Becca and her family decided to join us at the Alpine Slide.  It was lot's of fun riding the slide with them!  Me and Addie and Becca waited at the bottom of the hill for them.  They had fun riding the lift up to the top and riding the slide down the hill.  After they came down they rode a few rides and ate a yummy carmel apple at the rocky mountain choc. factory.  Then we were off to the outlets.  Dad and Addie and Hailey walked around and played at the park with Luke and Tessa while the big girl's shopped!  I think Eric is in trouble!  He is learning really fast that his girls love to shop!  He is very patient while we do our thing!  It reminds me of when I was growing up and the many trips to the different outlet stores on every vacation we went on!  My Dad was super patient and would carry all of our bags around for us!  (great memories!)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Day of School!

The first day of school was a little nerve wracking around our house.  All 3 of them started at new school's this year.  Sadie was so excited to start Mueller Park Jr. High.  we got her all registered and went to the 7th grade orientation to get her all set to start.  She was lucky and got her own locker!  She has amazed me starting at a new school especially Jr.High only knowing a few people.  She has a super nice cousin Brock who is in 8th grade and has looked out for her.  Sadie went to school the first day and didn't know a single person at lunch.  All of her friends had 1st lunch and she had 2nd lunch.  She didn't let that stop her.  She went up to a group of girls eating and sat down by them.  By the end of lunch she had made some new friends.  She found out 2 of them had locker's by her and they have become great friends!  They even help her open her locker when she need's help!  I am so proud of her and the way she start's talking to people she doesn't even know.  A couple of the girls told her they were so glad Sadie came up to them to talk because they wouldn't have had the courage to do that!  I can't even do that! (lol)  I wish I had the courage of my girls!  I think Sadie is going to have a great year!

 Brinley and Hailey started at Muir Elementary and were also very courageous!  Brinley knew a couple of girls in her class that are also in her primary class.  She was excited to be able to sit by them.  Brinley has a really fun teacher named Mrs. Christensen.  She has started off the year with lot's of homework!  I think we've had homework since the first day of school. (a big change from 3rd grade!)  I guess it's good to jump right in!  It's taken a little bit of time getting used to a new school and the in's and out's of things.  We are getting into a good routine and I think things will start getting easier!  Brinley is such a fun girl and is making lot's of friends.  She is a go getter and loves learning!  I think she will love 4th grade too!  Brinley is such a great big sister to Hailey and is taking great care of her to get her to her class!  They think it's fun walking to school because it's down hill but they hate walking home!  I think they will get used to it soon enough!

 Hailey is loving her 1st grade class.  Her teacher's name is Mrs. Corbridge.  Hailey didn't know anyone in her class but she see's some of her primary friends in the other classes.  She loves going to school all day but hate's school lunch!  She want's home lunch everyday!  The first couple of weeks she was coming home so tired but I think she is getting used to it now and loves it!  She is a little more quiet like her mom!  until you get to know her, but I think she is starting to make some new friends at school.  I think once we start playing with some of the neighbor kids it will feel more like home!

Grandma's house!

We are adjusting well to Grandma's house and the kids are loving it  here.  They love to see Grandma and Grandpa Marlin everyday!  We are figuring out how everything works here so when they leave on their mission we will be all set!  

Hard saying goodbye!

Moving day finally arrived where we moved all of our bigger furniture.  We had been moving the smaller things out for a couple of weeks.  We had so much help from our family and friends.  They were awesome and we got it all moved out in a couple of hours.  Grandma took the smaller kids to her house so I didn't have to worry about taking care of them.  It was so weird seeing our house empty.  After moving everything out, we had a few days over the next week to clean.  We worked long hours at the house patching the walls and cleaning.  We were a little exhausted.  We moved up to Grandma's house the weekend before school started.  It was a crazy time starting new school's and moving at the same time.  We brought the family down for our final time at the house and it was a little emotional.  We have so many wonderful memories in our home.  Brinley said it was the best nine years of her life! Since we are a house of girls we shed a few tears or a lot of tears!  It's nice knowing that a cute family will enjoy it for many years to come.