Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy 13th Birthday Sadie!

I can't believe Sadie is 13 years old!  She is growing up to fast.  It is so fun to see the beautiful young women that she is becoming but it is also weird for her me to see that friends are becoming more important and she would rather hang out with them than be at home with me!  She is a social thing and loves to plan activities with her friends!  She is also very sweet and is super nice to everyone.  Her Birthday party was a blast and she had kids from 3 different Jr. High's there!  She thinks all of her friends are her bff's  and I think it's great that she is such a great friend to everyone!  We woke her up on her birthday and made her crepes with strawberries.  She opened a few presents and then she was off with her friends to shop at station park.  She had the best day ever with them!  They had lot's of fun modeling clothes for each other!  We ended the night with dinner and ice-cream at cold stone.  Kristi helped me make Sadie's cute birthday cake!