Tuesday, April 16, 2013


We were so excited to get our trip to Disneyland started!  We knew it was going to be crowded because of spring break so we woke up early and got there right when it opened.  We had great luck and walked on alot of the rides.  We found that in the morning was when to get to the parks.  By the afternoon it was really crowded.  I had a bum knee and it made it a little hard to walk around everywhere.  Thank goodness for ibuprofen.  I don't think I would have lasted the whole week without it.  We loved Indiana Jones and Hailey was very excited to go on the ride.  We had to put a couple of pair of socks in her shoes to make her taller but it worked and she loved it!  We love Tower of Terror, California screamer, and of course the Cars ride.  It was awesome.  The line was a 3 hour wait so we decided to go on our second day and get there early.  It worked and we only waited about 30 min.  It was so fun.  I wish we could have gone on it again!  Hailey loved the princesses and we loved the fun pixar parade.  It was such a fun trip and fun memories were made.  I think Dad was so patient with all of his girls and our opinions on what we should be doing!  We left Addison at home and missed her like crazy.  Eric's sister Karen and family were so nice and took her for the whole week.  She had so much fun with them and was spoiled with lot's of stroller rides and a trip to thanksgiving point to see the baby farm animals.  

Beach Day!

We decided to take a break from disney land and have a beach day!  It was so nice to be able to relax and not be on a mad chase to get somewhere.  We went swimming in the morning and went to the beach that afternoon.  Sadie's 6th grade teacher is from Huntington beach and told us we should go visit.  We took her advice and loved the beach!  It was a little on the chilly side but that didn't stop us from making sandcastles, running in the ocean, and of course doing backhand springs on the beach!  We had lot's of fun walking down the pier and watching all of the surfer's.  There were lot's of fun shops and restaurants close to the beach so we stopped at Jonny Rocket's and had dinner and yummy shakes!  it was  a great day! 

Anaheim cheer comp

Wow what a finish these cute girls had in Anaheim Ca. They did such a great job and had 0 deductions both days they competed.  They came in 5th place but we couldn't be more proud of them.  It has been so fun watching them on the same team.  They have learned so much.  Sadie was the team leader being the oldest on the team.  She took really good care of Brinley as she was learning how to be a flyer!  We are going to take a little break from competing on a team and just work on tumbling next year.  I think I need a year off to recoup from the last 4 years of competing!  Hailey has been such a trooper watching all of these competitions.  She doesn't really like going to them and gets really bored!  I think she will be glad for a little break too!