Wednesday, November 6, 2013


This cute girl just turned 17 months.  She is still in the 10th percentile!  She is now up to 19.5 pounds.  She loves to feed herself and is very independent.  She loves to explore and is always bringing me funny things she has found!  She is talking really well and can repeat most everything you say.  She only has 2 teeth but is getting lots more all at once!  She LOVES her dad and is so excited when he comes home from work.  The second he get's home she wants nothing to do with me!  She loves to watch Show's and loves Sofia the first and Dora!  I'm sad that she is growing up.  I want her to stay little forever!  

Fall fun!

Grandma has so many leaves at her house the girls just had to go out and jump in them!  We raked them into big piles and they had so much fun playing in them.  We covered Hailey all the way up and then she would jump out of them! Addie thought it was so funny.  

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Trick or Treat!

Addie and Cortney were so cute trick or treating.  They knew just what to do!  They would walk up to the door and Cortney would knock.  They loved grabbing for treats.  Addie learned how to say trick or treat.  She was a little shy and wouldn't say it while they were out but she loved saying it at home!  After we were done we went back to Brooke's house and Addie helped her pass out the candy to everyone.  She loved it!  She would run to the door every time the door bell rang!  So cute!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  We had some fun festivities this month and it started off with Grandma's halloween party.  Addie loved it this year and was right in the middle of it all!  She even let grandma paint her face!  We love Grandma's party every year and especially loved it this year since she will be on her mission next halloween.  The kids are going to miss her fun Halloween party!  We had a fun school parade and parties and the kids got to dress up for them.  Brinley was bat girl, Hailey was a witch, Sadie was a box of nerds with her cousin Ashley, and Addie was a cute mouse!  We had fun trick or treating with our cousins Luke and Tessa at the south davis hospital and then we went out to farmington and had a yummy dinner with Brooke and Lori.  We had lot's of fun trick or treating and they even went to a scary neighborhood haunted house!  Brinley liked it but Hailey waited outside with her Dad and roasted a hotdog instead!  Fun times!  We have so much candy I think we might be good until next year!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Black Island farm!

We had lots of fun at the Black Island farm.  We loved riding around the farm behind the tracker going to find our perfect pumpkin! Then we got lost in the corn maze!  Sadie and Brinley went off on their own.  I was a little nervous they would get really lost!  Luckily they had a cell phone and sure enough they called us lost!  We went and found them and then continued on the maze.  It was fun getting lost in the corn stalks!  Then it was off to the big potato bag slide.  They loved it.  Even Addie had a turn and loved it!  Of course we had to go see the pig races.  They were very cute.  They had a very cute little zoo of farm animals you could go see.  We saw the biggest pig ever!  Then it was off for some hot chocolate and donuts!  It was a super fun night and a new family tradition!