Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lava Hot springs

Lava Hot springs was so fun this year!  We had Brooke and Lori's family and Dave and Nate come with us.  It was lot's of fun with all of the cousin's around!  We love Lava Hotsprings!

Memorial Day

We went to the Bountiful cemetery to visit Grandpa Alldredge's and Grandma Nancy's grave.  It's nice that they are both in the same cemetery and we can visit often.  It's always emotional for me to go on memorial day because the cemetery is full of flower's and is so beautiful.  We love to go and remember these wonderful people in our lives.  It is sad to me that my younger girls don't have to many memories of Grandpa Alldredge.  Grandma Nancy died when Eric was little.  We wish we still had her around and hear from so many people what an amazing woman she was!  I think she would be so proud of Eric and the amazing husband, Dad and person he has become!  I hope we can carry on the great legacy of these two amazing people and are so grateful that families are forever!

 We had fun swimming over memorial day weekend and enjoyed some warm weather!   Kristi's pool was heated and it felt like the bath tub!  It was a really fun day and great memorial weekend!