Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Break

Fun tradition's at the cabin!  We love going every year over fall break.  We always do the same things but we love it!  We love spending time with our favorite people!

Here are some random pictures of Addie!  She is my calm spunky baby!  I don't know if those two words go together but that is kind of how Addie is!  She loves to snuggle, sit on your lap and read book, and give lots of hugs but she also is a little spunky and loves to show off!  

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Addie's new trick is doing a summersault!  She has figured out how to do it all by herself!  She also loves to walk down the hall to Brinley and Hailey's room and find their shoes.  She loves to walk down the hall and bring me shoes!  We could do it all day long!  I love it when Addie walks down the hall with her hands held out saying hug, hug and then she gives me the biggest hug!  She always puts a smile on my face!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Conference weekend

We always look forward to conference weekend at our house.  We love to listen to our prophet Pres. Monson and the twelve apostles and other general authorities.  It helps to have fun conference packets to fill out while we listen to conference.  One of our new traditions that we started last conference was to buy a treat for every member of the twelve apostles and first presidency.  Whenever that person spoke we would eat a new treat!  We had a little sugar  over load but it was a fun way to listen to conference.  We loved it and were so inspired by these wonderful men and feel motivated to try a little harder.  

 Eric spent the whole weekend ripping his car apart!  He has been putting this off for a couple of years now (lol) but I told him he either needed to get the heater fixed in the car or it's time for a new one!  He is very attached to this car and has actually kept it in really good condition for as old as it is!  I was a little nervous when I went out to check on him and the whole thing was ripped out!  It didn't even look like a car!  Well after two long days of working on it he finally got the heater core out and was able to put the new one in.  He acutally has heat!  He is amazing and can fix most anything he put's his mind to!

 Grandma made her annual donuts for everyone to enjoy after conference.  She tried a new recipe with the help of Brinley and Hailey.  They were pumpkin roll donuts.  They were delicious!  Addie loves to watch Grandma and follow her around!