Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bad things happen in 3's

Bad things happen in 3's is so true for Hailey. In the past two weeks she has had surgury, a wort burned off for the 4th time, and a fall off the kitchen bar stool that sent us up to PCMC for stitches. She has been put through the ringer but has come out great. All of the doctors were so impressed with her calm sweet demeanor. A little versed sedation always helps but she was awesome and held so still for the doctors. After 5 hours in the er we were a little exhausted. When we got home and Brinley told me she had a toothache I thought oh great here we go again! Life has been a little crazy around our house and we are hoping for things to calm down soon!
She looks a little beat up in these pictures. She was trying hard to smile!

Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Paddy's Day!

Brinley was waiting all week for St. Patrick's Day to finally get here. She has been talking about Leprechaun's all week at school. She was excited to find that Lucky the Leprechaun stopped by our house and sent them on a treasure hunt to find their pot of Gold. She said the note he left was in cursive and she couldn't even read it! He sent them all over the house and at the end they found their gold and a special lucky breakfast with green milk. They had a fun day wearing their green. We ended the day with a green dinner. We had lasagna with a green salad, green jello, green rolls, and green gatorade. We had green asphalt pie for dessert! I totally forgot to take a picture. Oh well it was a hit and I'm sure a tradition we will do every year!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hailey's Birthday

Hailey turned 4 on Monday and had a very fun day. She woke up to open presents, and with a little help from her sisters she got them all opened! Me and Sadie had fun making her Minnie Mouse birthday cake!

Hailey was excited to open a La La Loopsy doll, Uno Moo, and play dough!

She was so excited to go ride her new Barbie bike.
Rain or shine Hailey was on her bike all day. She thought it would be fun to put on her swimsuit and ride around! Her bike has a special spot for her barbie to ride with her.
We ended the day with a birthday dinner. Hailey chose to go to Carl's Jr. They had lots of fun playing in the play land. It's hard to believe she is 4 now. She is growing up so fast and I just want her to stay little forever! She is my little sweetheart and She is so much fun in our family.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hailey's Minnie Birthday

Hailey was so excited for her birthday party. She decided quite a while ago that she wanted a Minnie Mouse party. We weren't sure if we were going to be able to do it when her surgery was 2 days before her party was to happen. She recovered so fast all was well and we had the party!
She invited 9 of her friends and cousins. Thank goodness Sadie, Brinley, Grandma and her Cousin Bridget were there to help with the games. We went on a mouse hunt to find our Minnie and Mickey ears, then we played pin the bow on Minnie ( Sadie drew the Minnie Mouse poster all by her self! She did such a great job!), we went to Minnie's wishing well and threw pennies in the bucket, we pulled the strings on the Pinata and of course she opened her presents. She has the cutest friends and loved having them at her party. After the games we went upstairs for some Minnie mouse cupcakes and Icecream! I think Hailey and her friend's favorite part was the Life size Minnie Mouse Balloon! It was taller than all of them and they all wanted to give her a hug!

Hailey's Surgery

It all started in the fall when I thought Hailey was super sick with the flu. She had a fever of 102-103 for a whole week. She was throwing up and had the chills. She was so sick she couldn't get off of her pillow. We went to the doctor and they also thought she had the flu and sent us home. After a couple of more days like this we went back to the doctor and said we were not leaving until we figured out what was wrong with her. They had us do a urine sample and sure enough she had a UTI. After getting on the Antibiotics she started to perk up and was back to herself again. A couple of months passed by and sure enough she got her second UTI. This time we new right away and got her on the antibiotics. They sent us up to PCMC for testing and found out she had a grade 4 refulx in her Ureter. They recommended staying on antibiotics for 6 months to see if her grade 4 reflux would reduce down to a 3. We were ok with that plan but about a week later she got her third UTI while on the antibiotic. I feel so bad when she gets sick with these UTI's. She get's so run down and has no energy. We called back up to her doctor at PCMC and they recommended getting her in for surgery to get her reflux fixed. We were very thankful to know that it was going to be out patient.
Hailey was a little anxious to get this done and so Eric gave her a blessing the night before. I think it helped me more than Hailey and I was grateful for the peace I felt after the blessing. The next morning Eric took her up to PCMC.
They had a fun waiting area for her to play in until they were ready for her.
She was a little nervous so they gave her a little versed to sedate her before they took her back.
She was so happy they let her take her favorite blanket back with her.
The surgery took about an hour and the doctor said she did great. She has a pretty big scar, but she thinks it's pretty cool! When she woke up she was in a little bit of pain. They gave her more pain meds. and I got to hold her while she was sleeping.After about an hour in recovery she started to wake up enough to go home. She loved her wagon ride out to the car.
On the way home all she wanted was a slurpee from 7-11! Of course her Dad stopped on the way home to get it for her. She had so many people call her and bring her balloons. Her Cousin Luke brought her a balloon and Her friends Tessa and Kylie. She was a little loopy from the Lortab but was doing great that night.
Her cute preschool class made her a cute get well card and Ms. Mindy gave her a sack full of fun activities to do while she was getting better. She is feeling much better and it is so nice to see her back to her fun self again.
We were so grateful to have such a wonderful hospital that caters to kids. Her doctor and nurses were the best. We were also grateful to my wonderful visiting teachers who brought Hailey her favorite Chicken noodle soup!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brinley's Piano Recital

Brinley was so excited to play in her first Piano Recital. She has been practicing her song for a few months and she was excited to play it for everyone. She played It's a Small World and had it totally memorized. Brinley started Piano less than a year ago and she has done so well at it. She was excited to get her award of advancement to the next level and was very proud to stand with all of the other piano students. Brinley was excited to have Grandma Alldredge there to watch her and felt very special when she brought Brin a rose.