Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Fun!

Halloween fun!  Between our annual Halloween party, Activity day daddy daughter activity, and trick or treating we had an eventful couple of weeks!  Addie wasn't to sure about everyone dressing up and putting face paint, and masks on.  She was super scared and hated everything about it!   We filled in for Grandma while she is gone on her mission but Brinley told me after that it wasn't as fun as Grandma's party!  She was definately missed!   After a while Addie warmed up to everyone but still didn't want any thing to do with trick or treating.  She helped pass out the candy and was just great with that!  Sadie was off with her friends at a halloween party, and Brinley and Hailey trick or treated with their cousins in farmington!  On Halloween we went trick or treating with Luke and Tessa at Barton Creek and the south davis hospital.  Addie made it through Barton creek but wanted nothing to do with the hospital.  We waited outside for everyone and she ate her candy!  We also made some yummy Carmel apples and gave them to our teachers!  

 We had school off on halloween so we painted and carved pumpkins for the second time!  It was so warm (75 degrees)!  We were spoiled!

 Brinley was a girl skeleton
 Hailey was Anna from Frozen (Addie didn't want her to carry her Olaf around!)

 Addie was a cute BYU Cheerleader!

pumpkin patch

Fun at Black Island pumpkin patch!

Cabin fun!

Always lots of fun at the cabin!  Hours of swinging, hiking, Halloween crafts, pumpkin carving, card games, puzzles, and being with our best friends!  Lot's of fun but missed having Grandma paint our faces!