Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Activities

This has been such a busy but fun month.  The girls had such a fun time dressing up for Halloween.  Sadie dressed up as a Nice Witch.  Brinley was Nemo, and Hailey was a Lady Bug.  The girls started the fun with Grandma Alldredge's annual Halloween Party.  They were very excited to dress up, and make Grandpa Alldredge into a mummy!  They finished the night off with a trip to Frightmares.  Then we went to Kristi and Jason's cabin for fall break and had lots of fun riding the 4-wheelers and carving pumpkins.  We also decided to meet my sisters and mom and go to Gardner Village and see all of the witches.  I thought it would be fun but then I remembered that Brinley is Terrified of animals.  The petting zoo wasn't so fun.  She clung to me the whole time.  Hailey loved it.  Brin was also a little scared of all of the witches!  But she still had fun.   Then we had a fun night with some of our friends, we had a Halloween dinner and pumpkin carving night.  The girls thought it was fun to get there hands all gooey from the pumpkin.  They turned out cute.    Brinley was excited for her Preschool party.  She dressed up and had fun.  I went and helped with the party and the kids were so cute, they made cute black cat necklaces.  That night we went to our wards Trunk-or-Treat party.   They were the first ones in line for the costume parade.  They looked really cute.  They were excited to walk around the trunks and get some serious candy!   The next day was finally Halloween and this time it was time to go and help with Sadie's class for their Halloween Party.  I was in charge of the craft.  They made Halloween masks.  I think they had a fun time.  By the time it was really Halloween I was exhausted!  I made Eric take the kids out to trick or treat.  Sadie was totally into it.  She loved running to all of the houses.  Brinley wasn't quite as sure.  She was scared that all of the houses had dogs and wouldn't go to the door.  Thank goodness she has a nice sister who helped her out!  Hailey has just started to really walk and she loved walking to all of the houses.  She looked cute carrying her treat bag!  Some how we made it through but I'm sure glad another Halloween is over!  
Since I have quite a few pictures I decided to put them into a slide show.