Thursday, December 30, 2010


We started off our christmas celebration with the Seljaas family party. It is so fun to get together with everyone and was especially fun to welcome home our nephew Nathan from his mission. (I'm so mad I forgot my camera for all of our christmas parties!) We had lots of fun exchanging gifts, playing christmas songs on handbells, and playing games. We even had a visit from Santa. The next day was Christmas Eve and we had a fun party at Eric's Aunts house where we Danced around the Christmas tree and sang a Norwegian song. We look forward to this party every year and love getting together with Eric's cousins. After that party we went to my sister's house for my family party. They had a wonderful ham dinner that everyone enjoyed. Kristi had put together some really neat christmas mormon messages that we watched and then the kids each sang some christmas songs. When it was Brinley's turn we heard a knock at the door and Santa left his bag full of toys for the kids. They were so excited to see what he brought them. Brinley was excited that her singing brought Santa to them! The kids had lots of fun exchanging cousin gifts and were not disappointed with there gifts. I am so grateful to have such wonderful family on both sides and enjoy so much when we get together. We were anxious to get home so the kids could get to bed! They were so wound up they came out 3 times! They all slept in the same room and had a fun night together. Christmas morning when 7:00 hit and they still weren't awake, we decided to go and wake them up! They were very excited to see what Santa brought them. They were very excited to see new American girl dolls, pillow pets, and a new dog!(this is the only dog we will ever have at our house!) Sadie was very excited with all of her cooking supplies and has been cooking us treats ever since. We have been loving our new WII game Just Dance for kids, and Brinley has been everyone's school teacher over the break. Aunt Brooke new just what Brinley loves to do, play school. It has been so nice to have a break from our normal routine and we have been loving staying up late and sleeping in!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Traditions

This time of year is so fun with all of the family traditions that go on. We started the month off with remembering my Dad on the day that he passed. It is amazing that it has been two years. We always go and visit his grave and the girls make a special card to put on it. We still miss him so much and our conversations frequently include memories of grandpa. My mom is so amazing and she told us that she didn't want that day to be a day of longing but she wanted it to be a day to look forward to each year. She has started a tradition of giving me and my siblings a gift each year on Dec 4th as a gift from my Dad. She is always thinking of her children and we are blessed to have her.
The next week we had fun at Grandma Alldredge's Gingerbread party. The kids love this party and look forward to it each year. Grandma read them a christmas story and they all intently listened. We have quite a group now and it can get a little chaotic! We ended the party by playing christmas songs with hand bells. They were all sad when the fun was over!
Of course each year we ride the front runner and trax into temple square to see the christmas lights. We decided to go on a monday night for FHE. We weren't the only ones that had that idea! It was so crowded but we had fun and it was actually a pretty warm night.
With Christmas approaching soon the kids are excited to have 2 weeks off of school. There excitement of christmas is infectious and we have lots of fun together baking, going to christmas parties, and being with family. I love this time of year and the special feeling of Christmas.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Festival of trees

Hailey and I took a little field trip to the Festival of trees with my sister's and mom. She had lots of fun with her cousins, making fun crafts at the kid's corner, and especially sitting on Santa's lap. She was so excited to tell him she wanted a dolphin pillow pet and polly dolls! The tree's were amazing just like they are every year. There are some amazing people and stories that were told.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Jingle!

I have just finished a big order of Jingles and had a few left over. If anyone is interested in one let me know. I am selling them for $25.00

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Angel's

We started our Holiday season off by choosing 3 angels off Woods Cross City's angel tree. The girls have been saving their money and doing extra jobs around the house so they could by their gift's with their own money. Sadie's Angel wanted hair accessories. We bought a couple of things for her but we also had fun making a few of our own hair clips for her. Brinley's wanted Zhu Zhu pet stuff. Hailey's wanted a new doll stroller. We had lots of fun shopping for our Angels and I think the girls learned a important lesson about giving and helping others. I think we have started a new tradition and look forward to doing this each year.