Sunday, August 18, 2013


We had such a fun weekend with Becca and her family camping at Yuba Reservoir.  We took our RV and Becca brought their boat.  We loved boating everyday.  The girls were brave and even tried wake boarding.  They almost got up.  I think next year they might do it!  They had lots of fun tube and boat rides.  One of our favorite things is to cook outside.  They cooked yummy breakfasts and dutch oven dinners every night.  We were spoiled with delicious food!  The last night we roasted marshmallows and made smores!  We had some awesome neighbors who were in a monster truck show!  Becca was such a trooper being 8 months pregnant and so uncomfortable.  Thank goodness the RV had air conditioning!  She was able to get out of the heat a little bit and relax!  The kids had fun making para cord bracelets.  It was nice to get away from the reality of moving for a while and just enjoy ourselves!  

Happy Birthday!

We celebrated my birthday this year up at Bear Lake.  The girls surprised me with some fun gifts.  They made me some really cute cards.  It was a fun day.  We came home from the cabin on my birthday and sold our house the same day!  It was a little crazy but we celebrated with a little cheese cake!  

Bountiful Parade

We had lots of fun at the Bountiful Parade.  Addie, Seth, Cortney and Tess were the only kids not in the parade.  We had fun watching for them to come by us.  Addie loved waving to everyone.  We were able to leave before the parade was over and beat the crowd.  The girls loved being in two parades this summer!  After the parade we came back to our house and ate paces popsicles and did fireworks.  Then Eric took our kids up to Grandma's house to watch the Muller Park fireworks from her roof.  I stayed home with Addie and put her to bed and relaxed!