Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bum Scooter!

Addie has finally figured out how to scoot and move around!  She isn't crawling but she scoot's everywhere.  For a long time she would just sit and turn in circles but now she bum scoots all over the house!  It was funny to watch her go under the kitchen chairs.  She is now exploring lots of new things and is loving moving around a little bit.  It is nice for me because she is not super fast so I'm not having to chase her around everywhere!  

Mother's Day!

I had the best mother's day ever!  I felt so loved by my cute girls and Husband!  They made me a super yummy breakfast in bed and brought me cute cards they had all made with a vase full of beautiful flowers from Dad. They spoiled me with lot's of presents and Dad surprised me with a get away trip to see a Tuacahn play!  I can't wait!  The best present ever was no fighting all day!  After church we went to Grandma's to celebrate Mother's Day and all of the May Birthday's.  It was a fun day and I feel so blessed to be a Mother to my 4 beautiful girls!


It was such a nice weekend we were excited to go up to Kristi's house to swim.  Brinley and Addie practiced in the bathtub!  When we tried getting in the pool Addie wasn't quite sure what to think.  She was a little scared and didn't really like it!  Hopefully next time she will think it is fun!  Addie and her cousin Cortney are becoming great little friends!  Cousin's make the best friends ever!


  Brinley had such a fun time having her first sno-cone sale of the season!  She loved using her new sno-shack.  Most of the neighbor kids came over to help her.  They sold lots of snow cones and had lot's of fun!


Hailey's first Field trip

Hailey was so excited to go on her first field trip.  We walked to the Front Runner and rode to Farmington Station.  We walked to the Harmons Grocery Store and had a tour of the Bakery.  Hailey loved going with all of her friends.  She especially loves Jane and Linsey!  We even got a little treat from the Bakery!  It was a fun field trip!

Early Birthday Present!

I surprised Brinley with an early Birthday present and took her to get her nails done.  She has been wanting fake fingernails just like her cousin and grandma have!  She picked green sparkle tips.  She was so patient getting them done.  The lady putting them on painted flowers on them for a extra birthday present!  We hit Mcdonald's when we were done.  I think she was super excited to show everyone her fun nails!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Brinley!

Brinley's 9th Birthday started out at 6:30 in the morning with Sadie and Hailey making her pink pancakes with a candle in them!  They made them all by themselves and topped it off with cute birthday cards!  They then surprised her with breakfast in bed.  (Sister's are the best!)  Brinley was so surprised and loved it.  She was excited to go upstairs and open her presents.  She is a big one direction fan and was excited to get 1D pj's and pillow.  She also got a scooter, a sno-shack for her slushy sells, books, lot's of clothes and attitude glasses!  She went to school excited for her day.  We took her favorite wendy's lunch to her and Sadie at school.  Hailey had fun eating lunch with her sister's.  Right after school we had 15 of her best friends and cousin's over for her Get Air trampoline birthday party!  They were a little out of control but it was a lot of fun.  We made her a cute fondant trampoline cake!  After cake and ice cream we loaded the cars up and headed to Get Air.  The girls had so much fun flipping around and doing lots of fun tricks.  By the time the hour was up they all had red faces!  It was hard to get a serious picture of these girls but they were very cute and fun.  I think the party was a big success!  
Brinley is such a sweet heart!  I love the girl she is becoming.  The shirt she is wearing in her picture describes Brinley perfectly right now.  She is always flipping around and has become a great tumbler.  She is always jumping, stunting, tumbling, and then repeats!  She loves school and is a great friend.  I hope she always remembers how many people love her!