Monday, September 15, 2008

Sadie enjoying the pool!

Brinley and Eric on the Alpine Slide
Hailey enjoying the hot tub
Brinley swimming with her floaties

Here are more pictures of midway!

Eric and I just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.  We went on a little getaway over the weekend up to my sister's place in midway.  My parents stayed at our house with the girls and then brought them up to us after Sadie got done with school.  It was a really fun weekend.  Eric's sister Becca and her husband Barrett were also up in Heber for their ward camp, so they decided to come stay with us for the rest of the weekend.  Their son Luke and Hailey had lots of fun together.  Can you tell they are cousins!  We had lots of fun feeding the ducks and fishing at a local pond.  Sadie and Brinley both caught a fish!  Thanks Uncle Barrett for teaching them.  They were both a little scared to touch the fish so Barrett helped out with that!  We also went and rode the Alpine Slide.  The girls thought it was fun to slide down the mountain.  We topped it all off with some swimming.  The girls were so tired by the end of the night that they just fell into bed!
It was a really fun weekend.  Thanks Kristi and Jason for letting us stay at your home in Midway,  It was Awesome. 

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Evening

Hailey Posing for the Camera
Sweet Sadie
Our Beauty Queen

This is our first try at blogging.  After seeing my sister Lori's blog and my sister in law Becca's blog I decided that maybe I would give it a try!  So here it goes,  my cousin Jennifer and her family were here visiting this summer and she took some fun pictures of the girls.  They had fun posing for the camera!  She also took molds of their hands and they turned out so cute.