Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Valentines day!

Happy Valentines Day!  We had a full day of partying from morning till night!  We love valentines day at our house because we get to celebrate Dad's birthday too! The girls woke up early to get their valentine and then we had Dad open his presents.  The girls loved their new purses and scarves.  Dad had lots of help opening his presents!   The girls loved making their valentine boxes for school and with a little help from dad they were able to light up.  Sadi'e class had a contest and she was excited when she won!  I went and helped with Brinley's class party and we made Cootie Catchers! They loved it. Hailey had fun playing with her Cousin Tessa and they loved holding Addie.  We did matching hearts in their hair!  That night we went to WoodsCross/Bountiful's basketball game and had fun watching cousins on both sides of the family.  Zac played a great game and Kelli and Jayci were lots of fun to watch Cheering!  After the game we came home and sang Happy Birthday to Dad and ate some Strawberry Cheesecake!  It was a great day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chocolate Strawberries!

It's that time of year to pull out our fondue maker and dip choc. covered strawberries!  Brinley,Hailey and Sadie were loving it.  Addie tasted her first strawberry and loved it!  

Super Bowl Party!

We had Eric's family over for a fun super bowl party. We ate yummy taco's and lots of desserts!  We somehow all fit in our basement it was a little cozy but it worked out great.  The girls had fun with their cousin's and loved dancing around.  We pulled out our head massager's and I think Luke liked his the best!  It was an exciting game and Becca and Rich were the only Raven fans in the house.  They were excited with the win!  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Addie turned 8 months old!

Addie just turned 8 months old and I was feeling a little bit bad that I have only taken her one time when she was a newborn to get her picture taken.  We have taken lots of pictures of her with our camera but I just haven't taken the time to go get them done.  So when she turned 8 months I decided to try and take a cute picture of her!  She is lots of fun right now and usually has a smile on her face!  I'm not the best at photography but I thought this picture of her was so cute!  She is getting so big and sometimes it makes me sad!  I just want her to stay little forever!  She loves to sit and play with her toys and is not even interested in crawling.  She hates to be on her tummy and will only roll over if their is something she really wants within her reach.  She still just loves her sister's and laugh's and laugh's with them.  When you say someone's name she will look to try and find them.  It's so cute!  She hate's wearing shoes so we just go with the shoe socks! I'm still reminding the girls that babies need to sleep.  They can hardly stand when she takes a nap.  It's driving mom a little bit crazy but I think they are finally getting the picture!