Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Addie's first Easter!

Addie's first Easter!  We decided to make a cute little Easter back drop and attempted to take some cute Easter pictures of Addie in her Easter dress.  She was so happy and loved the Easter basket full of eggs.      Her sister's were behind the camera making her smile!  Hailey and Brinley wanted to get a cute picture with her.  Addie just had her first tooth pop up but it's a little hard to see!

Sadie's first concert!

At the beginning of the school year Sadie signed up for orchestra.  She had never played the Violin but was interested in learning.  She has an amazing orchestra teacher who travels around from a few different schools to teach.  She is so patient with the students and helps them tune their instruments before each class.  I have been amazed at how much she has learned in only 8 months.   Sadie had her first orchestra concert at South Davis Jr. High and did a fabulous job.  She has learned so much.  They played 4 songs and Sadie had them all memorized!  She has a couple of fun friends who are in orchestra with her.  Sadie is planning on continuing orchestra in 7th grade!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Leprechauns Day!

Hailey woke up telling everyone Happy Leprechauns Day!  They woke up to quite a mess at our house.  Leprechaun pete took them on a little scavenger hunt that took them to a messy front room with Hailey's underwear hanging from the fan, to the bathroom with a green mess in the toilet, to the kitchen where he left them green milk, to the cabinet to find their pot of gold!  We topped it off with a green lucky charm pancake breakfast.  That night Dad made us green Leprechaun Floats.  They were delicious!

Cheerz season coming to an end!

What a fun season we have had of cheering!  We have had some ups and downs but I am so proud of Sadie and Brinley and how they have picked themselves up and worked harder than ever!  They took 1st place on one of there competitions and it was so awesome to watch.  They nailed their routine and did it perfect!  They have made such great friends on the team and it was awesome to see them so happy.  I am one nervous cheer mom watching 2 of my girls out their performing.  Brinley is a flyer and does such a great job!  Sadie is her base and makes sure she is safe!  It has been lots of fun watching them helping each other and standing up for each other on the team.  They have the best Cheer Dad in the whole world who hasn't missed one competition!  I think he is just about one of the only Dad's there!  We are off in a couple of weeks to their final comp in California!  We are excited to get away to hopefully some warm weather and fun!

Happy Birthday Hailey!!

It's crazy to me how time flies by.  I can't believe Hailey is 6 years old!  I keep telling her she can't grow up, I just want her to stay little forever!  but I guess that's not how it's all suppose to happen and she was more than excited to be 6 years old.  She just loves life and wants to do everything her sister's are doing (good and bad!)  She loves school and is becoming quite a little reader!  She loves playing with her cousins and ask's me almost everyday if we can call them.  She loves her cheerz gymnastic's class and is becoming quite a little tumbler!  She loves to go outside and ride her scooter and play with her friends!  Hailey is a big sweet heart and we love her so much!

Hailey has been lucky the past couple of years it has been in the 60's on her birthday.  This year I thought there was no way it would be warm enough to wear capris to school but it was almost 70 degree's on her birthday!  She woke up early to open her presents and was happy to get a dream lite pillow pet, a RV toy, squinkies, a new swim suit and goggles, and lot's of clothes, earrings, and shoes! Hailey was excited to take a birthday treat to her class and the birthday show and tell bag.  She had fun showing pictures of her family and bringing a couple of her birthday toy's to show them.  She loved wearing a special birthday visor and being the line leader at school.   We had a fun night going out to dinner and going over to her cousin Jordan's house to watch him open his mission call!  He was called to the Birmingham England mission.  We are so excited for him!  We came home and ate Hailey's icecream cake she picked out.  It was a really fun day!