Monday, July 21, 2014

Cousin fun!

Addie and Cortney were having so much fun playing together!  They love to get into Addie's crib and pretend like they are sleeping! silly girls! I think we might have trouble when they get older!

Lake Powell!

After our Bearlake trip we had 2 days to come home and get ready for our Lake Powell trip!  It was a little crazy but we were so excited to go back to Lake Powell.  It had been 9 years since we had been there last.  It was a little emotional as we reminisced on all of our memories with my Dad at Lake Powell.  We felt him near us the whole week and it was so neat.  We told lot's of stories with our kids about Grandpa Mert and it was a week we'll remember forever!  We had so much fun cliff jumping except I was a nervous mom watching them.  I couldn't believe they were brave enough to jump of 20 foot cliff's!  They loved swimming around our little cove we had the house boat in and going down the slide!  They were amazed to see the Mom's go off the slide too!  There were lot's of rook games played, speed games, and the mom's loved relaxing and reading our book's!  It was such a nice boat with air conditioning!  we were in heaven!  It was fun to see the new generation of skiers waking up early for glassy water.  The kids went on a awesome hike to the slot canyon and they thought that was fun!  Thanks Kristi and Jason for the amazing two weeks of family vacation!  we loved every minute of it!