Thursday, April 23, 2015

I love to see the temple

It's a fun tradition in our family to go to the Bountiful and Salt lake temple on a special date with their Dad when the girls turn 8. It was especially fun for Hailey because she did it on her birthday!  It is always a special day and one they look forward to for a long time.  I am always so excited when they come home and I can see what beautiful pictures they take.  Eric is turning in to such a great photographer and always gets the best pictures.  Hailey is such a beautiful girl that we love so much.  She was so excited to get baptized and loved having FHE lessons on it to prepare her for the special day.  Hailey is such a great example to all of her friends and family.  She is so sweet and cares so much how other are feeling.  She always tries to make sure everyone is happy.  We love you Hailey!